My Vacation Inside the Mall of America

By Kelley Ferro

Does three straight days in a mall sound like fun or torture? I wasn’t sure which way it would go until I did it myself. I spent 72 hours living inside the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, the largest shopping and entertainment complex in the Western Hemisphere — never once venturing outside for even a breath of fresh air. And guess what? I had a blast! Besides the obvious incredible shopping literally at your doorstep, the Mall of America has a slew of restaurants, an aquarium (with sharks!), movie theater, a theme park and even a track! With all these options, each day was different and I enjoyed not having to worry about transportation or the outside world for a while. Plus, all that power walking to shops burned off a lot of calories!

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However, being the luxury lover that I am, my favorite moments were spent in the Solimar Spa, eating farm-to-table cuisine at the FireLake Grill House and relaxing in the lavish rooms of the connected Radisson Blu hotel. I bet you never knew a mall vacation could be so glamorous.

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