My Facebook Friends Are Torturing Me With Their Amazing Vacations

When did posting gorgeous photos of our incredible tropical vacations become acceptable behavior on Facebook? Why do my friends think that I want to see photos of them bathing in the sun while I shovel inches of icy cold snow and endure cabin fever with my children, husband and two dogs?

Look, I
m guilty of posting my own family vacation photos and I know I should be happy for my friends. But this year is different because this time we have been held up in our house by a ruthless arctic blast that has been sweeping the Northeast. I know, I know — I shouldve planned my OWN tropical trip for winter break, but I didnt. I didnt swim with dolphins in the clear blue waters in Turks and Caicos; instead, I wore three layers of clothing under my bathrobe to keep from shivering in my drafty old house.

So Im a cold, jealous, mad, and pouty friend who is sick of being tormented by my friends beautiful vacation photos. So what.

Here are the top 10 photos that made me want to bang my head against a snow bank this winter break.