Must Read: Tarte Overhauls Influencer Program Following Controversy, The Organizers Behind 'Shut Down Shein'

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These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Thursday.

Tarte overhauls its influencer program following controversy
Tarte CEO Maureen Kelly posted a TikTok video Tuesday taking responsibility for her initial response to the brand's recent influencer trip controversy, and stated that the brand is reviewing its influencer program to ensure it's "inclusive and equitable." The controversy in question involved a Black influencer speaking up about feeling like a "second-tier person" upon being invited on a brand trip. "We'll take immediate action whenever we find inequalities or errors within our program," Kelly said. "We're also going to be more transparent about how we work with our creators including how we choose them." {Glossy}

The organizers behind 'Shut Down Shein' 
Month-old coalition Shut Down Shein is gaining visibility as it endeavors to dismantle the fast fashion giant, which it calls the "biggest national threat you've never heard of." The organization accuses Shein of exploiting U.S. customs laws, using forced labor and engaging in anti-competitive practices. Sourcing Journal reports on the minds behind the organization, which is said to be funded by its members. "While we are calling for the shutdown of Shein because of the way they're currently operating, the ultimate goal is to bring them into the regulatory scheme and level the playing field," said Chapin Fay, the organization's executive director. "If they want to do business in America, they need to follow the same rules that everyone else is following." {Sourcing Journal/paywalled}

Google experiments with generative AI for shopping
Google is utilizing generative AI as it tests out its new Search Generative Experience (SGE) in its shopping vertical. Still in its experimental phase, SGE will roll out in the coming weeks and will provide users with a more efficient online shopping experience. "The new format will let Google respond to certain queries by giving users an overview of the main information they should consider, a list of next steps and the chance to ask further questions in a conversational mode," Marc Bain reports for Business of Fashion. "SGE would be a complement to conventional search — not a replacement for it — and would be useful when shoppers are trying to research products where there are a variety of factors to consider." {Business of Fashion/paywalled}

Nike and Tom Sachs end partnership
After more than 10 years of collaborating, Nike and Tom Sachs have gone their separate ways, per Highsnobiety. The partnership's end comes after anonymous reports alleged workplace mistreatment in Sachs' studio, where former employees said they experienced emotional, verbal and physical abuse. Nike did not respond to the allegations but provided a brief statement saying, "We are not working with Tom's studio at this time and have no release dates planned." Sachs also put out a statement saying, "I've said things I regret. I haven't always evolved as quickly as I'd liked [...] But let me be clear: I have never tried to make anyone feel uncomfortable. I have never harassed anyone. I would never intentionally harm anyone. Safety is a top priority in the studio. Those are the facts." {Highsnobiety}

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