Museums are using this buzzing necklace to keep you safe

This tag will buzz when you get too close to others.

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    Tyler Wright, aka sir_tyler_wright_the_1st on TikTok, shared his simple trick for making a small shirt bigger. Wright’s method requires only a few household ingredients — and based on the results in the video, it actually works.

  • What to do when you keep getting ghosted

    Drag queens Jujubee and Thorgy Thor are answering your burning questions about navigating the world of dating. Taylyn calls Thorgy Thor (who’s here to help) and Jujubee (who’s here for a paycheck) on the Love Hotline to talk through her rough patch. “Maybe he’s gay,” Jujubee suggests.

  • Influencers are allegedly getting sick at parties hosted by Tana Mongeau, Hype House

    Several prominent social media influencers are being accused of spreading coronavirus after allegedly hosting parties where “a lot” of attendees were infected. The accusations, which are currently unproven, specifically are targeted at a party hosted by model and internet personality Tana Mongeau. According to TooFab, the party took place in Los Angeles sometime around July 25.

  • This 1945 magazine's sexist advice for women is truly a sight to behold

    The antiquated passages from this particular edition of “Beautify Your Figure” magazine were shared on TikTok by user oldiesgoldie on July 17. “The first tip is to share his hobbies and interests,” oldiesgoldie narrates, panning over photos of women playing golf and holding rifles. “The next tip says, ‘Be sure you pass the breakfast table test — he may be comparing you with the slick chicks he works with at the office,'” she continues. “It then says, ‘Be his best playmate, but remember, you’re a female, so keep yourself intriguing and seductive'”. The next one cautions women to be cognizant of their own laughter. “A woman’s life is lovely when it comes off right,” oldiesgoldie reads. “A horse laugh is best left to the ponies”. The article also tells women to be wary of the way they carry themselves, lest they ruin their marriage with, gasp, the way they walk. Naturally, the absurd advice is being roasted on TikTok, where users cannot believe there was ever a time it was considered fit to print. “Change everything about yourself until you’ve fit every expectation he has,” one user wrote