How to Use Multiview in YouTube TV to Watch Live Sports

Look for video thumbnails with a split screen and team logos

What to Know

  • Look for streams with “multiview” in the title or video thumbnails with a split screen with the team logos.

  • Alternatively, select a live game that's part of a multiview stream, then select Watch in Multiview.

  • Highlight a stream to hear its audio and press Select to open it in full-screen mode. You can watch up to four streams at once.

This article explains how to use multiview on YouTube TV to watch up to four live streams simultaneously. Multiview streams are only available for smart TVs and streaming devices in the YouTube TV app.

How to Get YouTube TV Multiview

In the YouTube TV app, select a multiview stream to see all the included live feeds on your screen. Multiview streams typically have “multiview” in the title, and the video thumbnail features a split screen with the team logos. The multiview feature offers pre-set live feeds, so you can’t select which games you want to watch in multiview mode.




The multiview feature is not available in the YouTube TV mobile app or the YouTube TV website.

Where to Find Multiview Streams

To find multiview videos, go to the Home tab and look under the Top Picks for You or Recommended Multiviews sections.

You can also find multiview streams on the NFL, NBA, or NWBA's respective YouTube TV home pages. Available multiview streams will appear in your Watch Next recommendations when watching live games.

If you select an individual live game available as part of a multiview stream, you'll see Watch in multiview as an option under How would you like to begin watching?

How Does Multiview on YouTube TV Work?

Once in the multiview mode, highlight a stream to hear the audio for that stream. Use the directional buttons on your remote to switch between streams. You'll only hear audio from the highlighted stream, but you can continue watching the other screens in multiview mode.



Press the Select button on your remote to view the highlighted stream in full-screen mode. Press the Back button to return to multiview. To close the multiview, press the Back button again.

Turn On Captions in Multiview

To turn on captions for a stream in multiview, open a stream in full-screen mode, then press the down button on your remote until you see the playback options. When you turn on captions while in full-screen mode, the captions will stay on when you switch back to multiview.

How to Watch Four Games at Once on YouTube TV

Each multiview stream is curated to have two to four specific games. To watch 4 games at once, you'll have to find a stream showing four games simultaneously. Look for video thumbnails with four pairs of team logos.

What Is YouTube TV Multiview?

With YouTube TV multiview, you can watch between 2 and 4 live streams simultaneously. This feature is aimed at sports fans who want to keep up with multiple games going on at the same time.

Multiview mode isn't available for all YouTube TV content. Only select sports streams support multiview. For example, most March Madness and NFL Sunday Ticket games can be watched in multiview mode. NFL Sunday Ticket content requires a subscription, which you can bundle with YouTube TV.


Videos you watch in multiview show up in your YouTube TV watch history. From there, you can manage or delete each video.

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