Mucinex Is Launching a Fashion Line in Time for the Flu Season

Can fashion help you fight off a cold? Fashion designers Steven Alan and Christina Viviani are exploring the concept in one of the most unexpected fashion collaborations of the year: an ath-leisure collection with Mucinex.

The collection incorporates antimicrobial fabrics, soothing color palettes and other technologies, like temperature-regulating fabric.

“There was a lot of framework that we wanted to work within, like using the technology or fabrics that are temperature-regulating and the psychology behind colors,” said Viviani, who is the creative director behind fashion label, The Great Eros. “We were thinking about the things that would make you feel better when you’re sick and what those essential pieces are. Then mixing in the fashion element with that science.”

The six-piece unisex collection includes sweatshirts, tank tops, jumpsuits, loungewear sets and accessories that utilize an antimicrobial silk fabric, lightweight wool and mesh that are breathable and machine-washable.

A standout piece from the collection is the Feelgood Hoodie, which includes a removable pillow, eye mask and an aromatherapy sleeve that the wearer can use to insert rocks doused in essential oils.

“I had tried this potpourri-type idea with volcanic rocks and essential oils in my bathroom,” Alan said about designing the sweatshirt. “That worked, so I thought if we put these little volcanic rocks in the sweatshirt itself then you constantly have this nice scent with you.”

Other pieces include the Smooth Sleeper eye mask made with washable silk that features a ponytail slit and The Unsnuffle Duffel, a mesh fabric duffle bag designed to be used as a bag or to wash the other pieces altogether.

The collection’s color palette includes navy, green, white, pink and black, which are said to provide a sense of calm and comfort. The pieces also feature Mucinex’s Mr. Mucus mascot both as a small detail on some pieces and much larger, like on the back of The Zzzimono loungewear set.

“To me, that’s really fun because it’s something completely unexpected,” Alan said. “It’s not the typical collaboration that I’ve done in the past with more obvious brands and that makes it interesting.”

While the collection is dropping amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Mucinex’s executives have had the idea for some time.

The collection will debut on Oct. 20 at 8 p.m. EST during a livestreamed event on the company’s YouTube page. Mucinex is teaming with several influencers and personalities, including Chriselle Lim, Drew Scott, Nava Rose, Daniella Perkins and Jacques Slade, to model the looks virtually from their homes.

The collection will also be available to purchase at that time on Mucinex’s web site. Prices range from $65 to $200.

Click through the above gallery to see photos from the collection.

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Launch Gallery: Mucinex Is Launching a Fashion Line for the Flu Season

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