How Much Should You Tip Shipt and Instacart Delivery Drivers During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

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If you’re in dire need of cleaning supplies or a few groceries and can’t make your way to a store or are trying to maintain social distancing, Shipt and Instacart delivery workers can help. Shipt and Instacart are American delivery services that send paid shoppers to your favorite local grocery or department stores, like Target, to follow a list you’ve created and purchase the items you might need. Leaving a tip isn’t mandatory, but it is customary.

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According to Diane Gottsman, a national etiquette expert, author of “Modern Etiquette for a Better Life” and founder of The Protocol School of Texas, 15% of the total bill is the minimum amount that should be left for Shipt and Instacart delivery workers.

“The correct tipping amount is 15% to 20%,” Gottsman said. “And if you feel compelled and have the extra money to spare, you can always add more.”

If your total comes out to $100, that’s a $15 minimum with a few dollars on top if you have it. If that sounds like a lot, keep this in mind: drivers are heading across town, shopping for you and delivering the goods to your doorstep.

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