MTV and Diddy are officially bringing back Making the Band, so are you ready for the next O-Town?

It's happening, people. MTV and Diddy heard us, and they're officially bringing back "Making the Band." Who will be the next O-Town? It could be you.

Sometimes Twitter is a force for good. After hearing fans push for a revival of the series on social media, MTV and Sean “Diddy” Combs are officially bringing back Making the Band. We’re so ready for the next O-Town, Danity Kane, Da Band, and Donny Klang.

“MTV and I are back together again!! Making the Band is coming back bigger, bolder and more cutting edge,” Diddy said in a statement per E! News. “MTB on MTV was the pioneer of reality TV. We’re going to bring that supernatural energy back to the format and bring the world its next global superstars.”

Give us that “supernatural energy,” Diddy! We’re open and willing to receive our next superstar.

What began as a simple request to bring old episodes of Making the Band to a streaming site quickly turned into a reboot of the early-2000s reality television show. In April, rapper Wale retweeted DJ Heat, who requested that Netflix or Hulu give him the nostalgia he needed. Seth Rogen even joined the crusade.

A few months later, Diddy saw the SOS and dropped a major bomb.

He hemmed, he hawed…

…and finally, Diddy reached a decision.

It’s all true. Making the Band is set to air on MTV in 2020, so upload your auditions to any major social media platform now, using the hashtag #MTBCasting. You could be the next big thing in the music industry.

While you’re waiting for Making the Band‘s return, there are plenty of other favorite early-2000s MTV reboots like The Hills, The Real World, and Jersey Shore. We didn’t think we needed all this 2000s nostalgia, but now that we have it, we’re not giving it back. Needless to say, we are more than stoked to see who becomes the next Danity Kane.