The MSI 'Claw' Portable Gaming PC is Available Now in the US

After being revealed at CES 2024 earlier this year, the MSI Claw is now available to buy in the US (with a UK release following closely on March 20). While MSI is no stranger to the PC gaming market, the Claw marks the company's first venture into the busy handheld gaming sector and sees it going up against competing portables from the likes of Steam, Asus and Lenovo.

MSI's Claw, however, lays claim to being the world's first gaming handheld powered by the Intel Core Ultra processor, the chipmaker's latest flagship CPU and the brand is banking on the performance power gained from this being one of the things that separates it from the rest. The Claw runs on Windows 11 Home and features an Intel® Arc Graphics card with a 7-inch, 1080p, 120Hz touchscreen display. It has two 2-watt speakers as well as a large 53Whr battery, Thunderbolt 4 and DP ports, a microSD slot, and features a fingerprint scanner built in to the power button for added security.

MSI is offering three models of the Claw, utilizing two versions of the Intel Core Ultra chip. The base model features the Core Ultra 5 processor paired with a 512GB SSD and priced at $699 USD; the other two models both include the more powerful Core Ultra 7 processor and come in 512GB SSD and 1TB SSD options priced at $749 USD and $799 USD respectively. Fans in the US can purchase these now through Best Buy or Newegg.

Meanwhile in the UK, fans can expect to grab two of these three models when they launch next week, March 20, as just the as the Core Ultra 5 / 512GB and the Core Ultra 7 / 1TB models are being released there. These are priced at £699 GBP and £799 GBP respectively, and they are available for pre-order now exclusively via Curry's.