MrBeast gives away $2.5 million jet in YouTube challenge

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MrBeast gave his $2.5 million private jet to a fellow YouTuber after losing it in a challenge.

MrBeast is known for his elaborate stunts (like an IRL Squid Game) and big giveaways. This time, he gathered 11 creators at London Southend airport, including Harry “W2S” Lewis, LazarBeam and Chunkz, for an endurance game.

The winner would get to keep MrBeast’s plane on the condition that they donated to someone who needed the money more than they did. The challenge was simple: All the contestants had to do was place their hands on the plane.

Whoever held it longest would win, but they weren’t allowed to stand in place. They had to do laps around the jet. MrBeast also tempted some to quit by offering them thousands of dollars.

After 18 arduous hours, Lewis was the last man standing. He decided to give the private jet to his brother and sister. MrBeast also promised to work with the Arbor Day Foundation to offset any carbon emissions created by the jet in the future.

“Seeing Harry Happy is the best feeling ever. What a lad. Dude deserves everything,” one person commented.

“I so badly wanted Harry to win,and when he did,I literally screamed in joy,” another wrote.

“Seeing Harry showing his brother the jet is so wholesome,” a user added.

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