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Projector you can use for movies
Projector you can use for movies

Movie lovers know the value of using projectors. With Smart TVs, LEDs, and various screening options, it might seem that the era of projectors has expired. But that’s not the case at all! Movie projectors are a hot commodity among film fanatics. Most options now come with up-to-date features and screening options that enhance your movie-watching experience. If you are looking for a way to impress your date or have a fun night in with friends or family, finding a projector with top-notch screening capabilities should do the trick.

Nowadays, there are so many valuable options with features that can make your experience worthwhile. To help you choose the right one, we reviewed the finest movie night projectors of 2022 that deliver an exciting and uninterrupted screening experience. Plus, our comprehensive buyer's guide will provide you with must-have information and details for shopping for a projector. So, let's make your next movie night delightful and entertaining.

Top Picks

Best overall: BIGASUO Movie Night Projector

Save the cost of an additional DVD player. Just invest in one mini projector to double the happiness!
Save the cost of an additional DVD player. Just invest in one mini projector to double the happiness!

The BIGASUO Movie Night Projector is a multifunctional device that lets you watch movies without worrying about downloads. It has top-quality color detail and brightness, offering you a great experience without worrying about the distance or size of the wall. This gadget is already equipped with speakers, so you don't have to worry about sound-related problems. This projector is created with superior capability providing you with maximum connectivity options. Each package is delivered with additional accessories to improve your movie night experience. We picked this product as our top choice because of its supreme resolution and versatile connectivity options.

Key Features:

  • 2-in-1 projector + DVD player

  • Has a native resolution of 720p

  • Features built-in Bluetooth speakers with HiFi sound effect

  • Compatible with a laptop, PC, DVD, VCD and SVCD

  • Includes free bag and tripod

Best for outdoors: Groview Movie Night Projector

This projector gives you 55% more brightness than other projectors
This projector gives you 55% more brightness than other projectors

The Groview Movie Night Projector is one of the latest and top options for watching movies on a big screen. It supports different connectivity options, so you can watch all your favorite programs with convenience. This projector has upgraded LED lighting, providing the best display for indoor and outdoor use. This option is designed for a large screen experience for people who want to make the best of their time with loved ones. It contains speakers that deliver a superior sound system to listen to your favorite dialogues without missing anything. Each package comes with all the necessary accessories useful for a memorable experience.

Key Features:

  • Supports wired and wireless connections for iOS and Android

  • Features LED lighting for 55% more brightness

  • Offers 1920 x 1080p resolution support

  • Watching sizes vary from 50 to 240 inches

  • Equipped with HiFi stereo speakers

Superior theater experience: XGIMI Movie Night Projector

Google Assistant provides intuitive voice control. Comes with dual 8W built-in Harman Kardon speakers, DTS-HD & DTS studio sound, dolby digital compatibility
Google Assistant provides intuitive voice control. Comes with dual 8W built-in Harman Kardon speakers, DTS-HD & DTS studio sound, dolby digital compatibility

For those wanting a theater-like experience without spending a lot of cash, the XGIMI Movie Night Projector is an ideal solution. It features a simple setup eliminating the need to hire expensive professionals. This projector supports 3D effects, allowing you to expand the entertainment opportunities at home. Additionally, it comes with a spectacular display, so you can watch all kinds of movies and videos in high resolution without any distortion. Unlike other projectors, it does not let the image go blurry after a while, ensuring a consistent watching experience. With modern-day integration, you can easily watch movies, play games, and surf the internet using this projector.

Key Features:

  • Features 4K technology with 8.29 million pixels

  • Includes 2200 ANSI lumens

  • Integrated with Chromecast

  • Has HLG lifelike color format and AI Brightness Adjustment

3D compatibility: Optoma Movie Night Projector

Allows placement closer to the screen making it ideal for smaller spaces and easier installation
Allows placement closer to the screen making it ideal for smaller spaces and easier installation

When 3D technology came out, no one knew it would be accessible at home. Now, with the Optoma Movie Night Projector, you can turn your home into a fully functional private cinema in no time. This product is designed to support high-resolution videos so you can experience vibrant image quality. It contains short throw lenses, providing easy installation and a top-tier movie night experience. It also boasts incredible brightness no matter what time of day you use it. This movie projector has a long lifespan, allowing regular use without deterioration in quality. Plus, it has an integrated sound system eliminating the need for any external connection — unless you want one.

Key Features:

  • Supports 720p resolution with 1080p input

  • Viewing sizes of up to 300 inches

  • Includes 3800 lumens of brightness in the room

  • Has 15,000 hours of lamp life

  • Contains 10W speakers

Best for smartphones: FANGOR Movie Night Projector

Portable home Bluetooth projector allows you to use it whenever and wherever you want to use it
Portable home Bluetooth projector allows you to use it whenever and wherever you want to use it

The Fangor Movie Night Projector features innovative, high-end resolution support allowing you to play the latest videos with no issue. It has a wireless connectivity function that ensures easy compatibility with various devices. You can also connect this device to watch videos on an Android or iPhone. It comes with a remote control to change the settings from a distance. Its extra height compatibility and support make it a suitable product for both indoor and outdoor use.

In addition, this product also features built-in speakers, which eliminates the need for external connectivity in exchange for a professional sound system. The company provides excellent customer support, so you can maintain the quality of the product for a long time.

Key Features:

  • Resolution of 1920x1080p and contrast ratio of 10000:1

  • Connects with Wi-Fi to iOS and Android devices

  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker

  • Compatible with computers, tablets, flash drives and smartphones

  • Height compatibility of 230 inches

Finding your next movie night projector: A buyer's guide

Movie night is an excellent option whether you want to plan a romantic night in or hang out with your family. It’s essential to invest in a helpful product that fulfills your requirements. This guide covers all you need to know and the main factors to consider to make a successful purchase.

Choosing the optimal movie night projector

Let's elaborate on what you should keep in mind when looking for a movie night projector.

  • Size: The size compatibility is a top factor because it determines whether the projector is suitable for the desired location. Choose one that fits the space you plan to use it in.

  • Throw: A projector's throw determines how the image will appear on the screen. For home use, people prefer a standard or small throw projector that can easily display video contents in a smaller area.

  • Compatibility: Some projectors have multiple compatibility options, while others are more directed towards a restricted range. Whatever you choose, make sure it can establish a distortion-free connection with your device.

What are the throw ranges of a projector?

Projectors with adjustable zooming properties have a throw range that lets you achieve the desired image size from a certain distance.

1. Standard throw

This option is available in most projectors. A standard throw has a typical ratio between 1.5:1 and 2:1. This means that you must place the projector 1.5 feet away for every foot of the image. Standard projectors have fixed lenses that cannot be changed or replaced, making them most suited to indoor settings.

2. Short throw

A short throw projector is suitable for bedrooms and classrooms where people can sit closer to the screen. These articles have a throw ratio from 0.38:1 to 1.4:1. Since these projectors are placed closer to the screen, it is difficult to cast a shadow on the projection.

The ultrashort projector has also been around for a while. You need to place them directly under the screen for a professional-quality view. You can use them in tiny and compact spaces because of their under 0.37:1 ratio throw.

3. Long throw

A long throw projector has a more excellent ratio than all other projectors. They are mostly installed in commercial and professional theater steps. Since most of them have a throw ratio of 2:1, so you must place them at a considerable distance from the screen.

What are the light sources used in a movie night projector?

Movie night projectors mainly use three types of lights: bulbs, laser, or LED.

  • Bulb: The bulb is an all-time classic light source that is still being used. Over the years, the technology and quality of bulbs have improved considerably. They are an affordable option for people who want a long-term product. You need to replace the bulbs after a specific time frame, however. A bulb projector might get very hot, so most people avoid using one.

  • Laser: The laser projector is known to accommodate more colors and create more precise graphics on the screen. It has long-lasting use without needing frequent replacements, perfect for commercial and professional use. Because of its quality, a laser projector is very expensive. Since you cannot replace the light source, it is mandatory to replace the complete device when needed.

  • LED: LED-driven projectors might not be as impressive in picture quality, but they do not have any heating problems. Most people prefer an LED projector for their home use.

People also asked

Q: Can I use a movie night projector during the day?

A: Yes, it’s possible to use a movie night projector during the day, but you need to ensure that it has adequate brightness to support that. Usually, a projector with 2500+ lumens brightness is suitable for daytime use.

Q: What specs should I look for in a movie night projector?

A: For the ultimate experience, a movie night projector should at least support between 1920 x 1080P (Full HD) to 3840 x 2160P (4K resolution).

Q: Can a movie night projector deliver the same results on the wall?

A: If you don't have a special projector screen, it is possible to use the wall as one. Since it does not have that special coating, though, you might not get the desired quality.