Move Over Thin Mints, Because Samoas Are Getting the Star Treatment in Costco's New Girl Scouts Snack

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It’s that special time of year again. No, not Halloween, and not the holidays in general. It’s that time of year when our craving for Girl Scouts cookies starts to get a little out of hand, and we know that Girl Scouts cookie season is still months away. So what’s a cookie-crazed gal to do? Head to Costco. That’s because, while they might not actually sell Girl Scouts cookies, they have stocked items like Girl Scouts Thin Mints Pretzels, and now, there’s a new treat on Costco shelves that Caramel Delites fans will go gaga for: Girl Scouts Coconut Caramel Bites that taste just like Samoas.

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Instagram account CostcoBuys shared this sweet find. 20 ounce bags of these Girl Scouts Coconut Caramel Bites, which feature a crispy cookie-like center surrounded by caramel, coconut, and dark chocolate, are selling for $11.99. And if they seem familiar, it’s probably because Costco has also sold the same treat in a Thin Mints flavor.

Price: $27.99 $Girl Scouts Thin Mints Bites — Family Size

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Costco shoppers (sign up for a membership here) had lots of positive things to say about these Samoas-inspired candy treats. Multiple people say they were “sooo good,” “the best,” and “delicious.” You don’t need to convince us!

These chocolate treats can be eaten on their own, but we also think they’d make for a delicious ice cream sunday topping, and we’re intrigued at the loaded cookie potential, too. What can we say, we perpetually have cookies on the mind, and chocolate coconut caramel cookies studded with these bites sound pretty good to us. They’d also be a tasty addition to homemade trail mix, and we’d definitely find ourselves a little more excited about hiking if amidst the raisins and almonds in our mix there were a few bites of chocolate, coconut, and caramel to munch on.

The next time you’re at Costco, grab a bag of these Girl Scouts Coconut Caramel Bites. They’ll help hold you over until cookie season finally comes back around.

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