Mountain Dew's New 'Summer Freeze' Has The Most Nostalgic '90s Flavor

mtn dew summer freeze
Mtn Dew Introduces New 'Summer Freeze' FlavorMtn Dew

With the announcement of Mtn Dew's newest limited-edition flavor, Summer Freeze, we've caught ourselves daydreaming about all of our warm weather faves: lounging poolside, firing up the grill, and making a splash at the beach.

Reminiscent of summers past, Mtn Dew's Summer Freeze is an ode to Bomb Pops and Firecracker Popsicles. You know the ones—the nostalgic frozen treats with red, white, and blue layers of inviting cherry, tart lemon (or lime), and flavorful blue raspberry.

Flaunting that same trio of flavors, Mtn Dew Summer Freeze promises that it "tastes like the best summer of your life."

The newest addition to the Mtn Dew lineup is already receiving rave reviews on social media. An Instagram post announcing the new flavor is filled with comments from people calling the soda a "new favorite," "very good," and even "perfect." The bottle's artwork also got a little praise.

"Already got one and I have to say: how do you manage to do it? How do you make them so perfect?," one commenter wrote.

Others have already dedicated their entire weekend to getting their hands on Summer Freeze.

"I know what I’m doing this weekend: hunting for this cause I need it in my body," another user added.

Summer Freeze, which is also available in a sugar free option, can be purchased in 20-ounce bottles, 12-packs of 12-ounce cans, and 6-packs of 16.9-ounce bottles.

For those on the quest to get their hands on Summer Freeze this weekend, best of luck!

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