The New Mountain Dew Thrashed Apple Is Expected to Appear on Shelves This Year

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Photo credit: Twitter @LanceShelto
Photo credit: Twitter @LanceShelto

PepsiCo is one company that just keeps on giving. Mountain Dew is one of the brands under its umbrella, and we never have to wait long to hear about a new flavor on the horizon. As you sip on DEW-S-A, you can read about Mountain Dew Thrashed Apple, which is expected to make its way to shelves this year.

Twitter account @LanceShelto recently posted a photo of the new flavor. As described on the bottle, it’s “DEW Charged with Crisp Apple.” If you ask us, it sounds like a fall-inspired sip and would make the most sense in cooler weather. However, according to the Twitter user who got the bottle from “a VP of Pepsi,” it will be “in select limited stores in 3 weeks” as a limited-edition offering. Another leaked picture from Reddit/u/jerbilegit2, however, say that it’ll be released the week of Sept. 9, 2021. We guess we’ll know which one is correct sooner or later.

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Mountain Dew Thrashed Apple is expected to be available in 20-ounce bottles and 12-ounce cans in a 12-pack. The brand trademarked “MTN DEW THRASHED APPLE” in April 2021, so the evidence here is getting more and more convincing that this will be released and isn’t just a test product. They can always change their minds, of course — but this green soda sounds refreshing, so let’s hope they don’t!

We’ll update this article as new and official information comes out from PepsiCo regarding this new offering. We know we’re not the only ones (now) looking forward to a DEW and crisp apple combination!

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