Mountain Biker's Machete Holster Is An Absurd Modification


There are some pretty strange and extravagant modifications you can make to your mountain bike these days. As a rule of thumb, everything is replaceable and someone makes a really expensive version of it.

But, I think this DIY outfit may take the cake for the best/weirdest I have ever seen.

Take a look at the fork-mounted machete holster below.

This guy fully looks like the type of person to just casually show up with a mini sword on his bike. I have never had a need for a machete holster while out on a ride, personally, but hey, I am open-minded enough to say that there may be a time and a place.

And maybe someday when the apocalypse comes, this sort of thing will come specced OEM on new bikes. Can you picture it now? The new 2030 Transition Smuggler: Now fully equipped for actual smuggling!

Societal collapse aside, this is a pretty funny mod and, frankly, we are here for it. This sort of thing may not necessarily be practical and is certainly not safe, but why not have some fun? That is what riding bikes is about after all.

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