Mountain Biker Returns After 3 Years To Get Redemption After A Big Crash


It is almost impossible not to feel timid or nervous on anything you ride when you've had a bad crash on a challenging section. That's what makes Niko Bima's return for redemption after a very bad slam on a particularly heinous section all the more impressive.

Take a look at him conquering this monster rock garden after three long years in the video below.

That is a downright vile place to take a fall. Those rocks look unforgiving as can be and it is not easy to psych yourself up to rally this section again after falling that bad in the first third of it.

Coming back to a feature you have fallen on before can be a very daunting task. As I mentioned above, the nerves and insecurity you can develop from a bad slam can be enough to dramatically affect your confidence on the bike.

Not to mention the lingering thought in the back of your mind: "What if the same thing happens again?" Altogether it can make returning to a feature a massive hurdle to conquer.

Huge props to Niko for conquering all of that and getting it all on camera.

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