Mountain Bike YouTuber Surpasses 100k Subscribers

There are many milestones for internet creators. The first major one on YouTube is 100,000 subscribers, an impressive feat in a niche sport like mountain biking.

Influencer Christian Peper just reached that milestone. See him pose with his silver plaque below.

Christian Peper is a rider and YouTuber who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. His videos center around tutorials and creative riding.

Interestingly, unlike many YouTubers, Peper’s channel is mainly shorts. This means that people are subscribing to his short-form content rather than the long-form content that YouTubers are often known for.

Last week, Peper went viral for jumping over a Tesla Cybertruck on his mountain bike. Read more about the stunt below.

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Christian Peper rides for Cannondale bikes. He is from a new generation of riders who are able to support themselves not through racing but directly through making content for his fans.

It is a new age, and it is good to see people making it in the bike world in that way. BIKE congratulates Christian for his milestone achievement.

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