Mother's Day 2024: 105-year-old Austin mom shares advice, stories

AUSTIN, Texas - A mother’s love is unconditional, no matter how old her children may be.

"This is pictures of my sons with me," said Elizabeth Morris of Austin.

<div>Elizabeth Morris</div>
Elizabeth Morris

Elizabeth Morris is 105 years old and raised three boys on her own after her husband passed away. She worked hard to make sure her sons had everything they needed.

"Making clothes and how to make a dress. So, I went to Dunaway school of accounting that was on Guadalupe by the courthouse and took a course there. Then I was an office manager, and that took the book work done for the different companies I worked for. I worked for several big construction companies and just different people," says Morris.

She says being a mom means everything to her and is proud of the men her three boys have become.


"They're doing fine. Joe Dale was a tank, maybe for the longest. Any time anybody came in or left, he had to inspect them at all. And my second son worked for Texas Instruments for 35 years, and my first event flew for Delta Air Lines for 35 years. He's retired. They're all retired," says Morris.

Elizabeth has celebrated nearly 80 Mother's Days, so she shares some advice for moms who may be celebrating for the first time.

She says be there for your child and enjoy those moments. If they are in sports, go to the games and be involved in their lives.

"Every Thursday night. I found myself in a ballgame where they were practicing [for] their girls every Thursday night. They had to practice [for] their football games. So I spent a lot of times in the park for that," says Morris.

She now has three grandsons, a great-grandson, and a great-granddaughter.