Mother mistakes shower gel for olive oil while cooking chicken

A mother’s unfortunate cooking incident left her dinner a bit too soapy.

In a viral 3 April TikTok video, Kameron Jane exposed her mom for making a mistake in the kitchen that ruined what was meant to be a scrumptious meal. “You’ll never believe what my mom accidentally did to dinner,” the TikTok musician said.

“Okay, I feel so bad, look at what my poor mother did. She just cooked this beautiful meal,” Jane continued, panning to the ruined Tuscan chicken sitting on the stovetop.

The simmering dish consisted of creamy parmesean sauce, spinach, and plump cherry tomatoes. Looking at it, you’d never guess it was spoiled.

According to the TikToker, her mom was eager to cook after buying a new bottle of “pure Greek olive oil,” or what she thought was oil.

“Only after she finished did we discover that it’s shower gel,” the social media poster confessed.

The bottle of Korres Pure Greek Olive Shower Gel Olive Blossom contained a yellow-coloured liquid just like the cooking oil. On the outer lable, the word “Olive” was bolded, enlarged, and capitalised. Though the mistake was understandable given the packaging, Jane’s mom was upset.

“She just had to leave the room because she’s so angry,” Jane explained before her mom later admitted: “I want to physically hurt someone and hit something really hard.”

Looking to see if the sudsy taste was subtle enough to eat, the brave daughter took a bite of the chicken – and immediately spit it out. Jane exclaimed: “This chicken tastes like straight-up soap.”

Speaking to Today, a spokesperson for Korres said they could relate to the mistake. “We truly felt this mother’s pain when she realised something had gone wrong in a dish she worked hard to prepare — we’ve all been there,” the representative admitted.

In an effort to remedy the situation and prevent further confusion, Korres notified its design team and retailers to ensure the product is placed in the correct department. Additionally, the company sent Jane’s mom a box full of their products and actual cooking oils, vinegars, and olives from Bristol Trading Company.

The original video has been viewed over 14.6 million times, garnering 1.5 million likes and over 21,000 comments. TikTok users were both amused and empathetic.

“In her defense that absolutely looks like olive oil,” one supporter wrote.

Another commented: “The soap chicken looked so good too. I’m furious with her.”

“That is the cleanest Tuscan chicken I’ve ever seen,” a third quipped, while another added: “Ohhh I would need everyone to not talk to me for about an hour if that happened to me.”

The Independent has contacted Jane for a comment.