A mother-in-law crashed her son's honeymoon, saying she deserved the trip for watching her grandchildren

A mother stands next to her son, who has his arms around her and his wife.
From left, Jayne with her son Bryan and daughter-in-law Tracy. Courtesy of TLC
  • On "I Love a Mama's Boy," Jayne agrees to watch her grandkids but leaves them with a babysitter.

  • When Bryan and his wife, Tracy, see Jayne at the spa, she joins them in the hot tub.

  • Despite arguments about boundaries, the trio is now closer than ever, they told Insider.

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TLC's show "I Love a Mama's Boy" lets viewers inside the complicated relationship dynamics between sons, their partners, and their clingy mothers.

Each episode features conflicts each trio must face, like when a mom Jayne crashed her son Bryan's honeymoon with his wife, Tracy. During the trip, Jayne reneged her offer to watch their children and instead hired a babysitter so she could relax too.

Though Tracy agreed with Bryan's idea to bring Jayne on the trip for child-care purposes, she soon learned that her mother-in-law had other plans. During the episode, Jayne is shown at the bar chatting with strangers, the children nowhere in sight.

"Jayne is having herself a great time at the bar," Tracy said during the episode. "And I'm just like, 'What is going on?' I mean, come on. What happened to all the ground rules?"

Later, Jayne ran into Tracy and Bryan at the spa and joined them in the hot tub, where she explains she hired a babysitter.

Tracy was upset with the arrangement and said on the episode she wouldn't have allowed Jayne on the trip had she known this would happen. Now, months later, Tracy told Insider she and Jayne have revived their relationship.

"We have our little nuances that you see play out on the show, and we have our little quirks as a family, but she's been a great support system for me and even a great companion when I want to window shop," Tracy told Insider. "Jayne's always down for the ride."

Jayne says she's learning to respect boundaries

Since the honeymoon, Jayne says she's learning to respect Bryan's and Tracy's boundaries.

"I have to give some space. Now that he's married, I can't take up his one-on-one time as I did in the past because the wife comes first," Jayne told Insider.

She said she tries to show her love in other ways, like picking up groceries for the family on the way over to their house.

Bryan and Tracy said working on their own communication skills has also boosted their relationship with each other and Jayne.

"I definitely can't make executive decisions now that I'm married, no matter what it is, whether it's picking a destination, inviting people, or even getting the wrong type of milk," Bryan told Insider.

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