The Most Unflattering Shade Of Blonde For Your Skin Tone, According To Hair Colorists

Trying out a new hair color can be exciting—but it can also be horrible to your confidence if you choose an unflattering shade. This is especially true if you’re deciding to take the plunge and go blonde. There are so many shades of blonde hair from bleached and ashy to honey and strawberry. While you should always prioritize your personal taste when determining a new hair color, it also helps to consider which colors look the best on you and your skin tone. To learn more about the right shade of blonde for each skin tone, we spoke with Cody Renegar, an LA-based celebrity hairstylist who works with Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow. Find out more below!

Determine your skin tone

When choosing the right shade of blonde, it's crucial to consider your skin tone. If you randomly choose a shade, it can either complement or clash with your skin tone. Generally speaking, there are five skin tones: cool, warm, olive, brown, and dark. Each skin tone has its own shade of blonde that highlights the beautiful undertones of each skin type. With that said, Renegar provided us with a go-to list of ideal blonde shades for each of the common skin tones.

The right shade of blonde for cool skin tones:

Cool skin tones, Renegar says, "should always stay within a neutral to slightly ash tone so as to not clash. If you put warm hair color next to cool skin tones, it will look extremely unnatural and can make your skin seem lifeless and unhealthy." One great celebrity example of this shade is Amanda Seyfried.

The right shade of blonde for warm skin tones:

If your skin has warm undertones, he adds, "golden or strawberry blonde tones against warm skin will really accent highlights in your skin and give you a beautiful glow." Cameron Diaz has warm undertones and is well known for her golden blonde hair.

The right shade of blonde for olive skin tones:

Those with olive skin tones, Renegar explains, "has a green undertone, so you can accent it with mushroom tones, neutral, or a gentle caramel. I always say to try to find a little freckle or mole and match that. Finding your skin's natural highlights and tones and matching your hair to it can make you look like you have just spent a few weeks in the Bahamas." The Fantastic Four actress, Jessica Alba, has olive skin and has been known to rock blonde hair.

The right shade of blonde for brown skin tones:

Like singers Rita Ora and Ciara, he continues, "Brown skin tones really pop when you add champagne, rose gold, or caramel-toned highlights around your face. That can really make brown eyes pop and look very soft against the skin."

The right shade of blonde for dark skin tones:

Similarly, celebrities with darker skin, like Keke Palmer and Laverne Cox, dye their hair with "a dark blonde highlight with cool to violet undertones since the tones are found in dark skin," Renegar notes.

At the end of the day, while it's important to take into account your skin tone, eye color, and even the season, the best hair color for you will mostly come down to personal preference.