These Are the Most Stunning Irish Girl Names

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According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), which keeps track of the most popular baby names, a name of Irish origin has snagged the top spot — for baby boys' names. Liam has been No. 1 since 2017. But where does that leave the girls? While Irish baby girl names are not as searingly hot right now, you can find a number of popular and unique names if you know where to look. From the common to the sublimely original, here are our favorite Irish baby girl names

These are the most popular baby girl names in Ireland.

So, which names are actually trending over in Ireland? The Central Statistics Office (CSO) keeps track, and these are the current most popular names for girls, from data provided in 2020. Granted, they may not be all of Irish origin, but they are Ireland's top baby names.

  1. Grace

  2. Fiadh

  3. Emily

  4. Sophie

  5. Ava

  6. Amelia

  7. Ella

  8. Hannah

  9. Lucy

  10. Mia

  11. Olivia

  12. Lily

  13. Ellie

  14. Emma

  15. Anna

  16. Éabha

  17. Chloe

  18. Sophia

  19. Molly

  20. Saoirse

  21. Sadie

  22. Evie

  23. Kate

  24. Aoife

  25. Freya

It's interesting to see how this deviates from the most popular baby girl names in the United States. The top-rated names in the U.S. — Olivia, Emma and Ava — are on the list, but not really in the top spots. Instead, you have Grace (a name of Latin origin), Fiadh (pronounced FEE-ah, similar to Thea) and Emily (which has been losing favor here since the year 2000). This list is a good mix of popular, trendy and totally unusual.

These are the most popular baby names in the United States that are of Irish origin.

According to the SSA, these are the most popular girl names of Irish origin, listed in the order of their popularity. This is taken from 2020's data, the most recent that is available.

  1. Harper

  2. Nora

  3. Riley

  4. Kennedy

  5. Hailey

  6. Quinn

  7. Rylee

  8. Reagan

  9. Ryleigh

  10. Maeve

  11. Molly

Even though they're the most popular names of Irish origin, you're not going to see all of them on every lunchbox and cubby. Harper is only No. 10 on the list of most-used names of last year, and Molly is way down at No. 174.

These Irish girl names are getting hotter.

The SSA also keeps track of the names that are growing in popularity, so these names, which are just bubbling under, might overtake the Harpers and the Noras. The first name, Haisley, jumped 382 places in rank between 2019 and 2020, and Murphy also made an impressive 327-place climb, likely due to the trend of using last names as first names.

  1. Haisley

  2. Murphy

  3. Shay

  4. Cara

  5. Fallon

  6. Keily

  7. Lennon

  8. Kayleigh

  9. Gael

  10. Rowan

Okay, those last two are actually fast-climbing baby boy names, but they are pretty good gender-neutral names and could work for the girls as well.

These are unusual Irish names for girls.

Irish Central has come up with its own list of names, and if you're looking for something unique an original, they've got you covered. None of these names selected from their list made the SSA's top 1,000.

  1. Aine (awn-ye)

  2. Aoibhinn (ee-van)

  3. Caoimhe (kwee-va)

  4. Clodagh (cloda)

  5. Dearbhla (durv-la)

  6. Eimear (ee-mur)

  7. Fionnuala (fi-noola)

  8. Niamh (neev)

  9. Laoise (lee-sha)

  10. Mairead (mi-rade)

  11. Muireann (mweer-in)

  12. Orla (or-la)

  13. Oonagh (una)

  14. Roisin (ro-sheen)

  15. Sadhbh (sive)

If you choose one of these, they'll probably be the only one in the class with their name. Whether or not their teachers will be able to pronounce it on the first try is another question.

These Irish names are getting trendier.

BabyCenter keeps track of the names its users pick for their kiddos. According to the site, these are the most popular Irish girl names among its users that haven't been mentioned already. Look for these to start hitting popular lists in a couple years.

  1. Aileen

  2. Alaina

  3. Arely

  4. Arlene

  5. Bria

  6. Bridget

  7. Cassidy

  8. Cece

  9. Darcy

  10. Ena

  11. Enya

  12. Erin

  13. Evelyn

  14. Imogen

  15. Kiara

  16. Mckenna

  17. Mckenzie

  18. Shayla

  19. Siobhan

  20. Tierney

Which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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