This was the most-searched summer dessert in America

Carolyn Menyes
·1 min read

It’s been a long, long summer. And while every summertime plate needs some of the best-ever grilled foods and cold side dishes, dessert is what really completes a meal. And there was one dessert that Americans were Googling how to make en masse: banana pudding.

Most Popular Coronavirus Cooking Searches Across America

Google sent us a list of the most uniquely searched desserts in every state from about mid-July to mid-August 2020. “Uniquely searched” means that a state is looking up a particular term more often than the rest of the U.S. as a whole. And a whopping 10 states were determined to be disproportionately searching for banana pudding recipes.

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia were all on the banana pudding train. Georgia was seeking how to make a banana pudding cake, perhaps by using a cake mix as the base.

In general, pudding was a top dessert choice for the summer, perhaps as people were looking for ways to use leftovers or ways to make dessert without turning on the oven. The term pudding was used in desserts for 34 out of the 51 states surveyed, which included Washington, D.C.

Bread pudding, one of the best ways to use a loaf of bread, was the second-most searched dessert of the summer, while rice pudding, dirt pudding, chocolate pudding, Yorkshire pudding (which is technically kind of a bread) and plum pudding also made the list of the most-searched for dessert in every state.