Our Most Saved Thanksgiving Recipe Last Year

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Even if you’re an experienced Thanksgiving host, you know it’s rare for two Thanksgiving feasts to ever turn out the same. That's because every year (after the post-turkey tiredness has worn off), you assess what people liked, what didn’t turn out quite right, and what wasn’t worth the effort at all. You store away some recipes in the keepsake files and toss others in the trash. And, year after year, your spread gets that much better.

Well, your search for a new staple Thanksgiving side ends today. Why? Because we have a family-favorite recipe so dependable and delicious, it’s been saved more than any other Thanksgiving recipe this year and last. Best of all, it’s as easy as they come, relying on premade mixes and common canned goods to come together in a *wink* jiffy. With dozens of five-star ratings and reviews, this is a recipe you can confidently come back to every Turkey Day from now on.

Janice Anderson
Janice Anderson

Our Most Saved Thanksgiving Recipe This Year and Last

Our top-saved Thanksgiving side is a classic comfort food, but with a flavor-spin that makes it memorable. It’s buttery, cheesy, rich, and creamy—and it is: Jiffy Corn Casserole.

Think of this dish as if a moist, tender cornbread was cooked in a 9x13 baking dish and served by the spoonful. Onions, peppers, and green chives give it southwestern flair, while dollops of sour cream on top create tangy, rich pockets of creaminess throughout.

It’s not as sweet as corn casseroles you may have made before, but has a spicy, savory flavor that balances out the sweet batter perfectly. And, to really bring it home, the whole dish is crowned with a gorgeously golden cheddar cheese crust that'll catch every eye in the room.

“My mother won an award many, many years ago with this recipe in the Arizona Republic newspaper. I think it is delish and so different from a lot of other corn casseroles,” said recipe creator Janice Conley. “Everybody I know asks for this recipe so I am giving it to everyone!”

This crowd-favorite casserole comes together in just three simple steps, yet it's guaranteed to receive just as many compliments as the complicated, made-from-scratch sides beside it. Fuss-free and fabulous, this is the “perfect recipe to take for Thanksgiving!” raved user Denise Moffatt.

Tips to Make Our Jiffy Corn Casserole

Because this casserole is so simple, you can easily customize it to be the perfect fit for your family table. Depending on the kind of green chiles you choose, it can be made as mild or spicy as you prefer. Many users opt out of using the pimentos and green peppers altogether.

“Add some crisp crumbled bacon and it is perfection,” suggested one Allrecipes member.

Not a fan of sour cream? You can omit that too, or swap it for ricotta cheese or Greek yogurt for a different kind of creamy appeal. Some users have also mixed the sour cream into the batter rather than spooning dollops on top to incorporate richness in every bite.

Our final reviewer tip: Drain the canned vegetables before adding to the batter to ensure the casserole doesn’t come out wet. But otherwise, this recipe is top-notch without any tweaking whatsoever.

"I made this exactly as the recipe is written and it was wonderful,” said user silversky. “I am adding this to my collected recipes as one I will make again and again!”

So, go ahead and click that save button. This is a tried-and-true Thanksgiving recipe you won’t be replacing any time soon.

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