This Is the Most Popular Wallpaper of 2022, According to Our Readers

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2022's Wallpaper of the Year, According to ReadersSpoonflower

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Once you've removed the Christmas decorations and cleared the New Year's Eve confetti, you're left with an empty house and a bunch of ideas to update your place for 2023. But, if you're looking to skirt those pricier, renovation-required trends, a fresh repeat of wallpaper can be just what the design doctor ordered. That's where Spoonflower's Bees & Lemons print comes in as we've declared it the wallpaper of the year, according to House Beautiful readers. It was the oh-so-popular print that received the most clicks in 2022!

Designed by Fern Leslie, an artist and pattern marker based in Massachusetts, this smile-inducing option provides a sunny respite during those chilly winter days. With an assortment of buzzing bees, oversized lemons, and a sprinkling of white flowers, Leslie's print will make you feel like you're sipping Limoncello somewhere along the Italian coastline rather than keeping warm in your tundra of a town. The pattern is also set on a blue background—a color that's known to evoke feelings of calmness and relaxation—so this option hits that happy medium between soothing and statement-making.

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Admittedly, covering your space in wallpaper can feel like a big commitment, but fear not: Bees & Lemon's comes in a peel-and-stick construction. Not only can you apply this self-adhesive option on your own—and forgo the extra cost of a handymanbut you can also peel it off your walls when you're moving out of your temporary apartment or craving something else. (But, why would you? This print is adorable.) And, starting at just $29, it's a beautiful and budget-conscious way to give your home a sweet upgrade.

Now, the question everyone's asking is, where should you put Leslie's Bees & Lemons wallpaper? Fortunately, there are no wrong answers. While the whimsical pattern would be a charming addition to a small powder room, it can also give a larger living area a cottagecore edge. Or, if you're decorating a nursery for your newest bundle of joy, Bees & Lemons can provide a sweet, gender-neutral backdrop to your cutesy crib. But, no matter which room you place it in, one thing's for sure, your home is bound to be buzzy and in full bloom. Happy decorating!

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