The Most Popular Movies On Netflix Right Now Besides 'Safe House'

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“Safe House” is the most popular movie on Netflix, according to the streaming service’s public ranking system.

The 2012 action thriller stars Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington as a current and former CIA agent on the run from murderous mercenaries in Cape Town, South Africa. Although the film was a box-office success, it received mixed reviews from critics at the time of its release.

The second most popular movie at the moment is the assassin’s revenge thriller “Kate,” which stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead. And in third place is “The Father Who Moves Mountains,” a Romanian drama about a retired intelligence officer on the hunt for his missing son in the snowy Carpathians.

Beyond the top three, another notable addition is “Nightbooks,” a dark fantasy film adapted from J.A. White’s book of the same name. Although the film is rated PG, many reviewers have noted it is at times “genuinely frightening” so may not be suitable for younger children.

Other non-Netflix films in the ranking right now include the music classic “School of Rock,” the martial arts biopic “Birth of the Dragon,” and the 2005 Jennifer Lopez drama “An Unfinished Life.”

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(Photo: HuffPost)
(Photo: HuffPost)

10. “School of Rock”

9. “Firedrake the Silver Dragon” (Netflix)

8. “Birth of the Dragon”

7. “Vivo” (Netflix)

6. “The Stronghold” (Netflix)

5. “An Unfinished Life”

4. “Nightbooks” (Netflix)

3. “The Father Who Moves Mountains” (Netflix)

2. “Kate” (Netflix)

1. “Safe House”

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