The Most Popular Movie Homes, Revealed

The houses featured in these movies are just as famous as the titles, with some becoming tourist attractions for film buffs.

Have you ever looked online to find the real-life location of your favorite movie homes? If so, you're definitely not alone.

There are millions of internet searches about famous film locations, and a new study has now ranked the Top 10 Most Googled Film Houses. Can you guess which home has movie buffs the most intrigued?

According to a recent study conducted by real estate company LA Homes, the most searched-for movie home is none other than the iconic McCallister family house from Home Alone.

The results were found by analyzing the monthly worldwide search volume for each of the highest-ranking movies on IMDb and the homes in them to establish which movie residence is the most sought-after.

Home Alone 

It's no surprise that the 1990 classic Christmas film Home Alone has the most Googled movie home worldwide, with an average of 70,000 searches of "home alone house" per month.

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The house is located at 671 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka, Illinois. While the inside of the house is not open to visitors, many fans of the film often stop by to take photos of the outside, especially at Christmas time.


Coming in second place is the search for "twilight house," with 8,4000 per month, in addition to 3,8000 searches per month for "Cullen house twilight," making the total Twilight searches a whopping 12,200.

The Cullen family house, with its modern architecture and unique aesthetics, is located at 3333 NW Quimby St, Portland, Oregon. It was officially named "Hoke House," Officially named “Hoke House,” Nike footwear director John Hoke completed the home in 2007, and a year later, it was featured in the popular sci-fi movie.

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Hocus Pocus

Third in the ranks is the ever-haunting locations from 1993's Hocus Pocus, filmed in Salem, Massachusetts. Searches for ‘hocus pocus house’ average 12,000 searches per month.

One of the most notable homes from the cult favorite Halloween film is Allison's house, also known as "Ropes Mansion," located at 318 Essex Street in Salem. Decorated with jack-'o'-lanterns and candle-lit windows, the house is an open museum for both Salem locals and fans of the movie. 

Father of the Bride

Next on the list is 1991's Father of Bride, starring Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and Kimberly Williams.

Located at 843 S. El Molino Avenue in real-life, the house is given a fictional address at 24 Maple Drive in the upmarket area of San Marino in California, where the Huttinger family resides. Searches for ‘father of the bride house’ average 5,600 searches per month worldwide; back in 2016, the house was sold for $1.9 million.

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Edward Scissorhands

In fifth place is 1990's fantasy-romance Edward Scissorhands, starring a young Johnny Depp as the famous Tim Burton character.

The home is located at 1774 Tinsmith Circle, Lutz, Florida, though the owners decided to sell the property and pay homage to the movie by transforming it into a tribute. Searches for ‘Edward Scissorhands house’ average 5,300 per month worldwide, proving just how keen fans are to visit the quirky house.

“Movies don’t just offer engaging storylines, but are an example of the era that they aired and can become staples in popular culture," said a spokesperson from LA Homes. "However, it isn’t just the movie itself that can become wildly popular, it is also the sets and the interiors which can quickly become fan favorites. This study gives an interesting insight into the most popular movie homes that have stood the test of time in popularity and style.”

Here is the complete list of the most popular movie homes and the average number of searches worldwide per month: 

  1. Home Alone: 70,000

  2. Twilight: 12,200

  3. Hocus Pocus: 12,000

  4. Father of the Bride: 5,600

  5. Edward Scissorhands: 5,300

  6. The Notebook: 4,400

  7. The Goonies: 3,300

  8. Night in Rodanthe: 2,800

  9. The Holiday: 2,600

  10. Scarface: 2,500