These Are the Most Popular Front Door Colors in the US, According to Angi

Use these five popular shades to help you choose your home's front door color.

The color you choose for your front door is an indicator of what lies behind it. For example, if your home's interior takes a minimalist approach, your ideal front door color may be a light neutral hue, while homeowners who prefer moodier design styles may opt for black. But with so many paint colors to choose from, it can be hard to land on the perfect shade for your front door. To help, Angi analyzed data on the most-searched front door colors nationwide, and used the results to compile its list of the most popular front door colors in the United States.

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Leading the pack as the most popular paint color nationwide, black is a favorite in 17 states, including California, New York, and Florida. While this dramatic hue may come as a surprise, dark house colors are known to symbolize sophistication and opportunity, according to Angi.


Green is the most popular front door paint color across nine states, from Washington to Massachusetts. The color acts a way to connect your home to its natural surroundings and sunlight can bring out the hue's vibrant tones. Even better, there are plenty of green shade options available to fit your property's landscape, from forest greens to rich emeralds.


Drive down any street in your neighborhood and you're likely to spot a red front door. The beloved color is a staple in many southern states—red is the leading front door paint color in five states, including Alabama, Kentucky, and Mississippi, according to Angi's report.


The natural beauty of wood will never go out of style. The rustic finish is the leading choice for front doors in four states: Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota, and Oregon. According to Angi, this trend could be due to how close these states are to the mountains, as wood connects home exteriors to their natural surroundings.


Blue is the leading color choice for front doors in just two states—Connecticut and Louisiana—but it's a trend you should expect to see grow in popularity next year. Blue was selected by many major paint brands as their 2024 color of the year. For front door applications, the color works well with a myriad of home design styles and there are so many shades to choose from, from cool blues to saturated shades.

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