These Are the Most Popular (and Adorable) Classic Baby Names

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  • Audrey Hepburn
    Audrey Hepburn
    British-Dutch actress (1929-1993)
Photo credit: John Francis
Photo credit: John Francis

From Cosmopolitan

Remember when people started naming their children after fruit back in 2004 (hi,

Gwyneth and Apple, ily) and we thought that was the wildest thing to ever happen? Well, welcome to 2020, where parents are giving their children names that you need a decoder to figure out the proper pronunciation (here's looking at you, Grimes, Elon, and baby X Æ A-12.)

You may feel tempted to make like one of the 560 sets of parents who decided to name their daughter “Khaleesi” in 2018 (yeah, that happened),! But if you want some super tradish inspo, may we suggest the most popular classic baby names, according to baby naming site Nameberry? (Yes, there are lots of British royals up in here.)

Don't get us wrong, we love the creativity, but you can never go wrong with one of the classics. You'll never regret an Elizabeth or a Benjamin. We're just here to look out for you!

The Girls


Channel Audrey Hepburn by choosing this name for your baby which means “noble strength.” We already have the perfect costume picked out for her first halloween.


This name literally means beautiful and will make your child feel so special whenever “Sweet Caroline” starts playing over the speakers.


With endless options for nicknames (i.e. Lizzy, Liz, Eliza, Beth), this is a great pick if you love the classics but want to put your own little twist on it.


A name meaning grace AND it’s a palindrome! Fun!


This name has increased in popularity ever since the late 1970’s, and with celebs like Lucy Hale and Lucy Liu sporting this name, it’s only gonna get bigger.


If you’re going to go floral, there’s no better option.


If it’s good enough for royalty, it’s good enough for your babe.


See above.


Apparently, the original version of this name is “Heloise,” meaning that you already have a great nickname for when your kid acts up.


Eyre? Austen? The Virgin? TBH, this name is anything but plain.


One of the meanings of “Cara” is “face,” which certainly explains why this famous Cara always serves...face. (Yeah, we went there.)

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The state! The country! The baby!


In wonderland and in your arms.


Benefits of this name include: telling Sophie Turner you named your baby after her (who cares if it’s true?).


A name of Persian origin. Also, the Disney princess.


Can you get more classic than the first woman ever?!


We’re just Wilde about this name. Sorry. We had to.


Following peak use in the 1880s, this name has become increasingly popular in recent years—and we are here for a good comeback.


Viv. Vivvy. V. How cute are these nicknames?


If Penelope Cruz is anything to go by, then your bb will grow up to be a gorgeous, talented, beloved woman. Things could be worse, right?


Extremely Amy Winehouse voice: “Why don’t you come on over, Valerie?”


From Earhart to Thermopolis, this is the name of feminist icons.


It’s not 2008, so the likelihood of children incessantly singing “Under my umbrella-ella-ella, ay ay ay” at your kid is fairly slim.


Even though it’s possible this name saw a post-Friends boost in popularity, Rachel is actually biblical and, therefore, sooo classique.


For when you really want to call your gal Hermione but you’re worried it’s a bit too much.

The Boys


This name always hits the top 10 list of popular baby names. And if that’s not convincing enough, it’s the only name that has been given to a U.S. president, actor, pope, and professional figure skaters, which is...pretty cool.


George means farmer, so maybe your child will grow up to be one with nature. Or maybe he’ll channel Prince George vibes. Both great paths for your future babe.


This name is of Hebrew origin and means “the listener.” So parents, if you’re looking to raise a well-mannered child who listens to you 100% of the time, this name is a good place to start.


Your baby boy’s nickname could be Teddy and that is the CUTEST name on Earth. It also wouldn’t be terrible sharing a name with one of the most popular U.S. presidents of all time.


...Styles. TBH, who better is there to name your baby after?

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Think of how impressed people will be when you say you have an Oscar!


The Great!


I mean, your baby will basically be Superman.


Has there ever been a more popular name?! Don’t. Answer. That.


Nicholas Hoult’s blue eyes are basically begging you to choose this name.


We might be Tobiased, but this name is adorable. Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk.


Not just the crab in The Little Mermaid.


If the “nardo” bit of “Leonardo” is a little too 1452 for you, keep it fresh with just “Leo.”


This name means “youthful,” so what better name to give to a small bb?


Whether it’s King Arthur or Arthur the cartoon aardvark, this name is iconic.


Li’l baby Hugo!! Too cute!!


Tom, Tommy, Thomas. So many possibilities.


Apparently, the spelling “Jonathan” came first, so take that, Johns!


Can also be shortened to Robb, depending on which Game of Thrones king you prefer.


Any Vampire Weekend stans in the house? Eh eh? Name your baby after the lead singer, why don't you?


Another biblical name, Matthews have been around forever.


Or just Jake, for pure Gyllenhaal vibes.


Surefire way to make your boy popular on St. Patty’s day.


Sam! Sammy! Muel! (Okay, admittedly not sure about that last one.)


Including this name was *definitely* not an excuse to go to Richard Madden’s Instagram account.

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