29 Fairy Makeup Tutorials That'll Put Last Year’s Halloween Look to Shame

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Look, I know Halloween is still, like, eight-million years away, but I miiight have just found the prettiest costume idea of all time: fairy makeup. Not only is it beyond easy to customize and make your own, but it’s also an excellent excuse to whip out your dreamiest eyeshadow palettes and sparkliest highlighters. Trust me when I say these fairy makeup ideas are so damn good, you’ll forget all about your summer vacay and immediately start prepping for October 31. Keep scrolling for the 29 best looks straight from Instagram, including an easy option for makeup newbs, an elaborate one that uses pressed freakin' flowers (!), and so much more.

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1. This fairy makeup with pressed flowers

Sorry, but how pretty is this fairy makeup for Halloween? It's got all the makings of a classic fairy look (shout out to that cool blend of purple, pink, and orange eyeshadows), but it's also got a few pressed flowers placed perfectly along the temples. And IMO, the glowy skin and iridescent highlighter really bring the whole look together. It'll def take some time and precision to nail, but the payoff is beyond worth it.

2. This sparkle fairy makeup idea

The key to nailing this fairy makeup idea? Using a white liquid eyeliner or a little face paint to draw a handful of sparkles around your eyes. Couple that with a bright turquoise eye and some glowy highlighter and you'll be on your way to becoming the cutest damn fairy. Bonus points for finishing off the look with a set of face-framing highlights.

3. This mushroom fairy look

ICYMI, mushroom motifs are everywhere right now. Get in on the trend with this pretty fairy makeup that features cute little mushrooms on the center of the nose and along the temples. Pro tip: Skip the face paint and go for a sparkly red eyeshadow when recreating the base of your mushrooms—it'll give you a softer, more diffused look that really mimics the whole fairy vibe. Then, go in with a bit of white face paint and a fine-tip brush to draw the dots.

4. This fairy smokey eye makeup

If you're looking for something a bit more lowkey, you can't go wrong with this stunning smokey eye and dewy skin combo. Grab your brightest eyeshadow palette (something with a couple shades of orange and gold), a warm liquid highlighter, and a matte pink lipstick to really bring this style home. And, hey, if you have a fairy ear hanging around, you might as well go ahead and throw that in too.

5. This purple fairy makeup

Remember when I said fairy makeup was super easy to customize? This look is the perfect example—all you need to do is choose your base color and run with it. Purple is the name of the game here, so layer on all your favorite eyeshadows, lip glosses, and highlighters until you're left with a look as bold as this one. P.S. Look closely and you'll notice the subtle butterfly detailing on the lids. So cool, right?

6. This romantic fairy look

Don't you just love the soft, romantic shades in this fairy makeup look? White eyeliner and green eyeshadow are nonnegotiable for this one, as is a glowy highlighter for the tip of the nose and warm blush for the cheeks. And if you've been looking for a reason to invest in a pair of colored contacts for Halloween, consider this costume it.

7. This yellow fairy makeup

K, I don't know about you, but I'm highkey obsessed with the yellow eyeshadow details in this fairy look (I love how it extends from the center of the lids all the way down to the apples of the cheeks). Zoom in and you'll also notice a few sparkly accents around the eyes for the ultimate finishing touch. Bonus: Who knew orange lipstick could look so cool? I kinda want to wear this one outside of Halloween.

8. This princess fairy idea

Princess fairy makeup is always a winning look for Halloween, especially when it looks as bold and pretty as this one. You'll need an eyeshadow palette that's absolutely stacked with shades of purple, and it doesn't hurt to invest in a mini face paint palette to recreate the detailing on the cheeks. I'd enlist the help of a friend for this one if you don't have a naturally steady hand.

9. This fairy eye makeup

One of the coolest things about fairy makeup? You don't necessarily need a full-face beat—a cute eyeshadow look will totally do the trick. I'm personally a fan of this green and white option, which includes pretty flower detailing below the eyes and wispy eyelashes (the perfect reason to pull out those falsies you never use).

10. This fairy emoji makeup

TBH, my favorite emoji is and always will be those cute yellow sparkles (✨) and this fairy makeup idea might just be why. Grab your favorite eyeshadow palette (might I suggest something with turquoise blue, like this look?), brow pencil, and lip gloss, and then tie it all together with a couple groupings of emojis (you'll need some gold face paint for that). The finishing look is equal parts lowkey and pretty.

11. This fairy eyelash look

If you'd rather go for something a bit more elaborate, try recreating this fairy look that's all about super-long eyelashes. Even if you don't choose a length that's quite as long as this one, you'll still turn heads with a set of white falsies and green and yellow eyeshadow. The dark-maroon lipstick really serves as the perfect contrast here.

12. This pink fairy makeup

Pink hair, pink lips, pink brows—you can't really go wrong with this monochromatic fairy makeup for Halloween. A pink eyeshadow palette is required for this look, BTW, since you'll be using it on your eyelids, lower lash line, and, yup, eyebrows. These bbs are a good place to start:

13. This butterfly fairy idea

I've said it once and I'll say it again: You have a ton of room to play around when it comes to fairy makeup. I love how creative this butterfly look is—I mean, how pretty is that eyeshadow? You'll need a hefty dose of blush to recreate this one (you'll want to sweep it across the apples of your cheeks and the tip of your nose).

14. This peach fairy look

Shades of warm peach and icy teal are combined in this fairy makeup that's so pretty for Halloween. Pointed, elf-like ears are def optional, but those itty-bitty pearl decals are 100 percent necessary. I'd suggest grabbing one of these peachy-orange lipsticks too:

15. This spooky fairy makeup

Looking for fairy makeup that's both pretty and spooky? Yeah, this chilling look is definitely the move, since you have stunning details (like perfectly blended pink eyeshadow) and creepy ones (like white contact lenses and eyebrows). Prepare to impress at your Halloween party.

16. This pixie fairy idea

Big, ultra-defined eyes and green earthy tones are what make this pixie fairy makeup so dang cute. You'll def need a little green glitter to successfully channel this look (notice the subtle pigment on her hands?), along with fluffy falsies and silver-toned highlighter.

17. This garden fairy makeup

Want something a bit more extreme? Pull out all the stops and take a stab at this stunning fairy makeup for Halloween. You'll want to channel earthy, garden vibes for this look, so if you don't have a steady enough hand for detailing, you might want to call up a friend.

18. This dark fairy idea

Just because you want to try fairy makeup for Halloween doesn't mean you need to stick to bright, cheery colors—and this darker option is proof. Sparkly gray face paint, jet-black lipstick, and smokey eyeshadow are what take this look to the next level.

19. This Tooth Fairy look

Sry, but how cute is this Tooth Fairy costume? So effing creative. Recreate this one with a dramatic pink smokey eye, feathered eyebrows, matte pink lipstick, and purple highlighter swept into subtle, tooth-like shapes. And don't forget your bag of teeth, k?

20. This twilight fairy makeup

Another suuuper detailed option, this twilight fairy makeup isn't really for beginners—but the end result is worth the extra time. You'll need a full palette of holographic face paint, purple lipstick, and tons of white eyeliner.

21. This flower fairy idea

IMHO, everything about this fairy makeup feels so soft and ethereal. I mean, look how pretty that white eyeliner looks against the flower detailing. Round out this look by placing delicate white dots all over your cheeks. These white eyeliners will help you get there:

22. This lagoon fairy makeup

This lagoon costume is an excellent example of making your fairy makeup your own. It screams "fairy" without looking too recognizable, thanks to the purple-and-green eyeshadow, long and fluttery falsies, and holographic lipstick.

23. This golden fairy idea

Show up to your Halloween party dripping in gold with this ultra-pretty fairy makeup. The best part? It looks complex, but it's actually pretty doable.You'll want to give yourself a ~sultry~ smokey eye, brush up your brows, pop on some falsies, and paint shimmery gold pigment under your lower lash line.

24. This fairy eyeshadow

If you want a costume that's a touch more subtle, you'll love this simple—yet stunning—fairy eyeshadow look. Just grab an eyeshadow palette (something with few shades of pink, green, and blue) and a fluffy brush and make this look your own.

25. This boho fairy look

Everything about this boho fairy makeup is, like, ridiculously pretty, but I think my favorite detail is the jewel action in the inner corners (so pretty and subtle, right?). Gems aside, though, this look is made complete with feathered brows, soft contouring, and neutral lipstick.

26. This easy fairy makeup

PSA: Fairy makeup doesn't need to be super complex. Just sweep on some sparkly purple eyeshadow, smudge a little glitter on your lips, and tap on a few star stickers for good measure. Easy enough, right?

27. This green fairy idea

Prepare to give off green goddess vibes when you try this fairy makeup for Halloween. Alongside an electric green wig, you'll also need earth-toned eyeshadow, face glitter, and shiny-AF lip gloss. I have a feeling this one's going to look ~stunning~ in your group pics.

28. This daisy fairy makeup

Another monochromatic option, this pink fairy makeup is guaranteed to turn a few heads at your Halloween party. Pro tip: Stick a few pink daisies in your hair and you'll love how pretty they look against your pink eyeshadow and lipstick.

29. This purple fairy makeup

Can we just take a second to appreciate the star cutouts in this fairy makeup eyeshadow? So effing cool. I love the idea of going super dramatic with your fake eyelashes for this one—it'll really complement your eyeshadow.

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