Get the most out of everyone’s favorite ingredient– cheese!


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How does one even begin to describe the glory of cheese? Sitting atop many peoples’ favorite food lists, cheese is a delicious ingredient that speaks for itself. While cheese lovers may think they’ve seen it all, there are still plenty of tips and tricks that will improve your cheese consumption in ways you could only imagine. For cheeseheads looking to take that next step, here are 5 cheese hacks that will make your cheese game “cheddar” than ever.


Cheese Hack 1: Don’t Throw Away Your Cheese Rind

Instead of tossing your cheese rind, use it to add some extra cheesy goodness to sauces or soups. Not only is doing this sustainable, but it also ensures that your dishes have as much cheese as possible!

Cheese Hack 2: Freeze Your Cheese For Easier Grating

Grating cheese can be a rewarding-yet-tricky endeavor, but popping your cheese block in the freezer will make it much easier to grate.

Cheese Hack 3: Wrap Cheese in Wax Paper to Extend Shelf-Life

The only thing better than an amazing cheese is an amazing cheese that lasts a long time. Wrapping your cheese in wax paper is an easy way to extend the shelf-life of your cheese. For a more eco-friendly, sustainable option, Bee’s Wrap Beeswax Food Wrap is a perfect way to keep your cheese—and the planet—nice and happy.

Cheese Hack 4: Store Cheese in the Warmest Part of the Fridge

Storing your cheese in the crisper drawer, where the temperature and humidity are most consistent, will prolong the shelf-life of your cheese. This might add an extra step when you want a cheesy snack, but it’s worth it!

Cheese Hack 5: Use Dental Floss to Cut Soft Cheese

This might not be what your dentist means when they tell you to floss, but floss can actually be used to make a perfect slice of soft cheese. Just place your cheese on a cheeseboard, and use a string of floss to create a perfectly shaped slice, totally mess-free!

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