Most Common Oven and Stove Faults

Your oven and stove are essential in any kitchen. Whether you want to cook a pot of delicious soup or scrumptious roast, you cannot do without your stove or oven. Since this appliance works so hard to help you prepare the perfect meals, wear and tear are bound to occur. Here are some of the most common faults that can occur.

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Temperature regulating problems

This issue can affect stoves and ovens alike. If they do not maintain the set temperature, this will mean that your food will either burn or not cook. Cakes will flop and you may also notice increases in your electric bill. In most cases, these problems are caused by a faulty thermostat or even a problem with the wiring. Either way, it is important to have the problem diagnosed and repaired by a professional before you cook again.

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Oven not cooking food properly

If your oven is not cooking your food properly, it could be due to a faulty thermostat, as mentioned above. Alternatively, there could be a problem with the element. Diagnosing this type of fault requires experience and the appropriate diagnostic tools. Your local appliance repair expert will be able to find the source of the problem and perform repairs right away.

Electric stove not getting hot

If your stove does not get hot, you will not be able to cook your favorite meals. The best place to start is by checking each of your burners. If one burner is not working, it is likely that the fault is localized to this burner alone. If all burners are faulty and you do not have any problems with your household power supply, it could be a more serious electrical issue. Sometimes these faults are caused by a worn part, faulty wiring or even as the result of a power surge.

Poorly fitting oven door

If the door on your oven does not close properly, heat will escape and this will make your oven less efficient. It will also not be able to maintain the appropriate temperature. If the door is damaged over time or becomes warped, it will no longer line up perfectly. Even something as small as a loose screw or worn gasket can cause heat loss. Since many of these problems are fairly small and they can be difficult to diagnose. A trained appliance repair technician knows just where to look for these common faults as well as the more uncommon problems.

In order to extend the life of your stove or oven, regular maintenance is essential. Thorough cleaning on a regular basis will keep dirt and debris from building up and taking their toll on the appliance. Ovens and stoves are far more complex than many people realize. DIY repairs might be tempting for those who believe that they can save time and money. However, this can be particularly risky. A bad electrical connection or an unchecked gas leak can put your entire household in danger. When you need a professional appliance repair, make sure that you hire the best. The technician you hire should be trained, experienced, certified and insured. They should also back their repairs with a warranty for your peace of mind.