More Kelly Slater Scoring Perfect Kirra? Yes, Please

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Goodbye Portugal, hello perfection.

Sure, Kelly Slater's decision to skip subpar Supertubos for pumping Kirra (citing a still sore hip) will be questioned by the talking heads and online trolls.

It shouldn't be.

In his 50s, and with 11-world titles, Slater should have the freedom to pick and choose surf comps as he pleases. If it's pumping, let him in. And if not? Well, there's no reason he should grovel with guys 30 years his junior.

The WSL's own Strider Wasilewski put it best in the caption of this post:

"What a photo…", Wasilewski writes. "@kellyslater right where he deserves to be. That’s the first thing I thought when I saw this image. If the waves were like this at every event he would prob still be right there going for a world title at 52 yrs old and that fucking crazy. Personally I don’t want to watch him strain himself for a good score… Rather see him surf timelessly in perfection like this. If there is an epic forecast for an event and he wants to surf, that would be epic too. Either way stoked to see my bro scoring. Surfing is the fuckin best thing ever 🙌… epic photo."

Gotta say: We couldn't agree more. If Slater scored 10/10 conditions at every stop on tour, he'd still be in the Top 5, and on the perfect day, he could contend at Lowers.

Unfortunately, the ocean doesn't work that way. So while a 12th world title just doesn't feel realistic, don't count out another CT win. Not with Teahupo'o still on the schedule.

If we had to bet, if the forecast looks good for Tahiti, Slater's hip will be feeling just fine by then.

Margaret River? Ehh, not so much.


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