We Should Be More Concerned About COVID-19 In Prisons

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly in jails and prisons, leaving millions of Americans without adequate health care or social distancing in harms way — and it poses practical problems for addressing the pandemic.

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In US news and current events today, the Coronavirus pandemic continues to tick up across the country, but few places have had more of a contained, dangerous and deadly outbreak than our nation's overcrowded prisons and jails. COVID-19 has had a disparate impact on different communities, and few places are more dangerous than prisons and jails. COVID, which already disproportionately affects communities of color, is particularly dangerous in close, confined, unsanitary places like prisons, which themselves house a disproportionate amount of people of color thanks to systemic racism. For COVID, prisons are a fertile breeding ground, and the vulnerable populations inside are at extreme risk of getting ill and dying in Coronavirus prisons. In the era of COVID 19, prisons and prisoners are not getting the attention or resources needed to keep prisoners safe, and it's time to stop turning a blind eye to the horrors occurring inside prisons.

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