What the New Moon in Scorpio Means for You

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The new Moon in Scorpio on November 13, 2023, is a time of profound emotional transformation. Scorpio helps us understand our hidden truths, including our unconscious patterns and desires. The new Moon helps us plant seeds of intention for new beginnings. In Scorpio, the new Moon helps us define the truth we want to live.

It's a time to express what we need, desire, and are ready for in our lives. It's also a time to listen to the truth of our intuition. Scorpio heightens both our emotions and intuitive knowing this new Moon, giving us the keys to crafting a new vision for the future.

What the New Moon Means

The new Moon is a time of new beginnings. On this day, the Sun and Moon meet in the sky in the same zodiac sign. They rise and set at the same time, syncing their energy and their vibration. The Sun and Moon's conjunction, and the resulting lack of sunlight on the Moon, makes the Moon appear invisible to us. Even if we could see her, it would only be during daytime hours as she travels the sky with the Sun. On the night of the new Moon, only stars light the sky and we are left with the darkest time of the lunar cycle.

Darkness is often thought of as a negative period, but it is neither positive nor negative. Darkness represents the void from which all life and energy spring, as it is the seat of creativity. When we close our eyes or enter a dark space, the imagination flourishes and we gain access to our inner worlds.

Darkness is also calming to our energy and nervous system. It helps the mind quiet. In that space, intuition becomes louder. We can hear our inner guidance and receive answers instead of searching for them. We can peer into the subconscious at a deeper level.

When we meditate, for instance, we travel into darkness as we close our eyes and reduce sensory input from the external world. In this place, we can broaden our internal senses to feel patterns of behavior and conditioning buried deep below the conscious mind. We can see our blocks and shadows, but we can also see our dreams and true desires. Darkness gives us a greater view of who we are and what we want in this world.

Each new Moon becomes a time to align with the darkness of the night and travel to the center of yourself. This is where you can discover your hopes, dreams, fears, and underlying patterns. Each month, with the help of the new Moon, you have an opportunity to learn more about yourself. You can more easily hear your intuition and its guidance on where to set intentions, redefine yourself, and shift patterns. It is also a gentle reminder to check in with yourself to see how you are progressing with your intentions and to fine-tune the energy you need to manifest with greater success.

What the New Moon in Scorpio Means for You

The new Moon provides further guidance based on the zodiac sign she and the Sun are traveling through, or transiting. Each month, the new Moon is themed by this astrological energy. This zodiac vibration is what creates subtle, but noticeable, differences in each new Moon. This transit also provides a blueprint on what to work on in our energy and what to write intentions around.

This month, the Moon and Sun meet in the stars of Scorpio, giving us the theme of transformation. The intuitive guidance we receive and the supporting energy of this Moon lead the way to transmuting our shadows into our strengths.

The astrological theme of the new Moon is the same for everyone, no matter where you are in the world or what your Sun sign is. It is universal and unifying. We all feel the effects of Scorpio season during this new Moon, and we all can work with this energy in our personal lives.

Where you'll feel Scorpio and the new Moon's energy the greatest depends on the astrological house in which the new Moon is transiting for you. You can find which of your houses is most affected by this new Moon by looking at your natal chart. Locate the house, or houses, ruled by Scorpio. Here you will find the area of your life most affected by the New Moon and the area where your intentions can manifest to the greatest degree.

For instance, if Scorpio rules your third house of communication, this new Moon is an excellent time for you to look at your exchanges of energy. Focus on this area to find patterns that can be shifted into strengths instead of blocks.

As you work with the energy of this new Moon, know that it may sometimes feel intense. This new Moon brings up many feelings, some of which may surprise you. If you suddenly cry, scream, or even emotionally withdraw, give yourself space to process your feelings. You may not understand them at first, but with time and attention, they will make sense.

This new Moon in Scorpio may also bring up underlying emotions usually buried in your shadows or unconscious mind. Scorpio makes the unconscious conscious. Let this Moon reveal buried truths. Often what you feel is just the surface. Dig deep this new Moon to find what lies beneath the surface. If you are feeling something, ask if there is something underneath that feeling or if it is masking another emotion. Let this new Moon help you understand a deeper layer of yourself.

Notice if you have any fear around diving into the deep end of your soul. Does this emotional work make you feel vulnerable? Or perhaps ungrounded? Steady yourself by connecting with your body through movement and breath. Feel layers release and transform as you remain curious about all of them. As you plunge into your psyche, resist the urge to hold back because of fear. Feel your strength and your power to transform any emotion into something else.

This is where the alchemy of Scorpio shines. When you feel the thing you avoided feeling, you actually shift it into something else. You free the energy and allow it to become another version of itself. Scorpio is not about letting go, and neither is shadow work. It's about looking at what really is and shifting it into something that helps you become who you're meant to be.

The new Moon in Scorpio is an opportunity to be your own alchemist. If you feel an intense emotion, think of it as energy. Then feel into the emotion and decide what else you can do with that energy. What can you transform it into to help your journey instead of hinder it?

Other Astrological Influences on the New Moon in Scorpio

There are a few aspects adding to the energy of the new Moon in Scorpio. The Sun and Moon are conjunct, or next to, Mars in Scorpio. Mars is the traditional planetary ruler of Scorpio and one of the rulers, along with Pluto, of this new Moon. Mars adds fire and even more intensity to this new Moon. You may feel anger, frustration, or restlessness arise. These emotions may illuminate places where your boundaries have been infringed upon.

Boundaries and anger are energetically tied together. When someone crosses our boundaries, or we have trouble setting them in the first place, we feel anger. Anger itself is often the first sign that your boundaries need some attention. Setting boundaries can be challenging. We may even have shadows or unconscious patterns that cause us not to set them. When we don't set boundaries, we don't honor who we are and our inherent truth. Defining boundaries and sticking to them helps us protect ourselves and also protects the life we are creating.

Over this new Moon in Scorpio, acknowledge where you need boundaries to honor your energy and growth. Also, notice if you have anger or frustration and then ask how they can inform your need for boundaries.

The Moon, Sun, and Mars all oppose Uranus retrograde in Taurus as well this new Moon. Uranus is the planet of change and helps us break up old patterns in our energy and behavior. As with all breakthroughs, there is often a preceding breakdown that occurs. If you experience strong emotions that feel like they are melting your soul, be aware of what is breaking through. Acknowledge old patterns that don't honor your feelings or cause you to push them aside. Instead, challenge yourself to sit with the intensity of your emotions and let them teach you. When an intense emotion arises, ask yourself what it’s helping you break through and what it’s helping you understand about yourself.

Uranus is a very creative planet and brings out our visionary senses. After we muddle through the emotions and breakthroughs this new Moon brings us, we can feel our creativity and intuition. Scorpio reminds us that we are the creators of our reality. We can create any dream through energetic intention and focus. For true creativity to flourish, though, we need to dissolve old patterns that hold us back.

Creativity of any kind feels like a risk. When we create something new, whether a piece of art or a new life, we venture into the unknown. We leave what feels familiar, and we journey into new territory.

Your Invitation

As you peel back the layers of emotion this new Moon, you unlock hidden doorways to your intuition. You always know exactly what to do when you need to do it. You just need to learn to listen to yourself. Unprocessed or suppressed emotions, though, can block your inner knowing.

As you dissolve old patterns this new Moon, notice how it feels to be in the space of not knowing. When we exist in the in-between, it can feel scary. We may want to run back to what feels comfortable while simultaneously knowing our only choice is to move forward through the unknown. To create a new life, vision, or pattern, we have to leave the old behind and be okay with the uncomfortableness of the unknown.

Embrace this state of not knowing this new Moon, and remember that your intuition always knows the path forward. Be open to your visionary senses opening up to reveal the higher meaning of your life. Feel the expansiveness of your energy and its potential. Feel its reach and interconnectedness to so much more than just your life.

Focusing and altering your breath is one of the tools of alchemy we possess. Breathwork is relatively easy, and you can do it anywhere. Kapalabhati, or breath of fire, is an ancient yogic breathwork technique that brings in new energy you can work with and circulate throughout your body. Practice this every day throughout Scorpio season to help process and digest all the information being brought to you. This breathwork will also transmute feelings of heaviness into lightness, giving you the perfect tool when your breath becomes stagnant or the energy around you feels too intense.

As you write intentions for this new Moon, follow your intuition. Let your inner truth guide you. Do not question it, do not ask for logical steps or proof, and do not ignore it. Listen to your intuition and let it help you define and new reality, one that is based in your present energy, not your past definitions.

The layers of this new Moon show you the full potential of your vibration this lifetime, and from this vision, you can create intentions that call in the reality of your soul.

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