The New Moon In Cancer Is Giving Us A Second Chance

Elizabeth Gulino
new moon rising in the desert sky in White Sands National Monument
new moon rising in the desert sky in White Sands National Monument

On July 20, the moon will meet the sun in Cancer to form this month’s new moon. These moons often signal new beginnings — but astrologers aren’t so sure about this one. So buckle up. We’re in for a ride.

July’s new moon is the second of the year to happen in Cancer, and highlights the themes of family, roots, and cultural lineage, Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for, tells Refinery29. “Having two new moons back-to-back is important not only because the lunar energy gets to continue these themes, but also because the nodes of the moon, also known as the nodes of destiny, recently changed signs,” she explains. “Although new moons are usually times when something begins, this new moon’s energy could represent the end of a chapter or some sort of finale concerning these themes.”

Pay attention to these three themes Montúfar this weekend — a quarrel with your family members may finally be ending, or maybe you’re ready to make a big move from your current living situation. Whatever the case, it’s important to approach these situations in a caring way.

“With Mercury Retrograde over, you had time to see what needs to be taken care of and mostly what is important to you in your heart, as Cancer rules our caring and compassion,” Mysticalcraft Arriana, advisor and tarot card reader, tells Refinery29. “Use a gentle touch when dealing with others right now as many are also coping with the changes around them and the shifts in energy that cause unrest and upset to their lives.”

The feelings of unrest and upset might be a direct result of the state of our world today — with a global pandemic and a heavy feeling of uncertainty weighing over us, it’s no wonder we’ve all been experiencing unease.

This new moon exactly opposes Saturn, the karmic planet, who’s retrograde in Capricorn, astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Refinery29. “We can expect to feel as though we are being ignored and not seen by others,” she says. “We may feel as though the world is against us.”

Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at, echoes that sentiment. “This moon can bring restrictions, blocks and a feeling of loneliness, coldness, lack of love or being alone in the world with our problems,” she tells Refinery29. “We may face difficult barriers and obstacles to progress at this time.”

As dreary and despairing as that sounds, the main lesson of this new moon is to not give up hope. “This is a time where anxieties may be high and energy may be low, resulting in mini-meltdowns, but we will be able to overcome the drama if we let go of outdated views,” Stardust says. “It’s time to release the constraints that hold us back and move in a new direction.”

This is a weekend where you might want to ramp up on self care. Mysticalcraft Ariana recommends taking some quiet time to reflect and pampering yourself as you think — sounds like the perfect time for a relaxing bubble bath.

And you may want to hold off on any new projects or ventures. Instead, take the time to look back on your accomplishments and failures. “This lunation is not a good time to begin something new, but it is ideal to take time to reflect on the past, and how it has informed our present,” Montúfar says. “If we don’t like what we see, this moon represents a second chance to get things right in the area of our lives that Cancer represents in our chart.”

That’s right, this new moon offers a second chance — for all of us. The question is whether or not you’ll take it.

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