Monitor Your Bump With the 10 Best Pregnancy Apps

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Are you expecting a bundle of joy? Congratulations! You deserve to relish in every little moment of this pregnancy and in today's day and age, that means having a quality pregnancy app to help you along the way.

A good pregnancy app should really fill in the blanks between all of your doctor's appointments and answer all the interesting questions that come up when you have a legitimate person growing inside of you. An app makes an invaluable tool as you're learning more about what's happening to your body—and to your baby's.

Not sure where to start? These are the 10 best pregnancy apps for parents-to-be in 2023.

10 Best Pregnancy Apps

1. BabyCenter

BabyCenter is the #1 pregnancy tracking and parenting app and has long been the premier pregnancy platform within the space. In this app—available for both iOS and Android—you'll find everything from 3D renderings of your baby to tons of pregnancy articles relevant to what you're experiencing. The app also allows you to forge connections with other pregnant people, but perhaps the most beloved feature of all is BabyCenter's weekly growth tracking. Want to know what size fruit or veggie your little one is today? Hop in the BabyCenter app to find out! (iOS, Android, free).

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2. What to Expect

A trusted name in the pregnancy world, What to Expect's app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Featuring an ovulation calculator (for those starting their fertility journey), a personalized daily tracker that also shows your baby's size in fruit sizes and daily content feed of pregnancy tips, related health news and stories from real parents, What to Expect breaks down all the pertinent pregnancy information week by week. But you won't see the need to delete the app as soon as you give birth either; What to Expect offers post-baby advice for up to a year after birth. (iOS, Android, free).

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3. The Bump

When it comes to features, The Bump app really has 'em all! Interactive and—quite frankly—fun, The Bump tracks your baby's size, populates 3D interactive visuals of your baby's week-by-week growth and offers daily content specific to the week of your pregnancy. The app also has an awesome feature called Planner+, which preps parents-to-be right before their prenatal doctor visits. It will suggest questions to ask your doctor and also connect your prenatal appointments with an iOS calendar.

This app also connects to your baby registry! Add top registry picks from places like Amazon, BuyBuy BABY, Target, Walmart and more. (iOS, Android, free).

4. Sprout

Sprout has all the other standard features you'd want in your pregnancy app, plus, a few more cool things. Once you've given birth, Sprout comes in handy as a helpful parenting tool thanks to features like the On-Demand Doctor Report Generator—which stores your child's health data—the Health Tracker—which records and organizes symptoms, temperature, medications and all health events—and the Development Tracker that monitors your child's milestones based on CDC guidelines. (iOS, Android, free with in-app purchases).

5. My Pregnancy

A week-by-week pregnancy tracker, the My Pregnancy app helps you stay on top of all the interesting changes going on in your body during your pregnancy. The app—which is totally free and includes no in-app advertising, offers weekly advice, week-by-week fetal measurements, a to-do list for each trimester, a contraction timer, a kick counter and more. (iOS, free).

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6. Flo

Most widely known as a period tracker app, Flo is also really helpful at all stages, including pregnancy and throughout your fertility journey. Leading up to getting pregnant, you can use Flo's insights to track the unique timeline of your period; the app will also let you know your most fertile days. Once pregnant, switch Flo into pregnancy mode so you can access weekly images depicting your baby's growth, a due-date calculator, a baby countdown and tons of articles about parenting a newborn. (iOS, Android, free with in-app purchases).

7. WebMD Pregnancy

If you have a tendency to Google your symptoms and end up on, then you might want to use WebMD's Pregnancy app, since it's a trusted resource. In this app, you'll gain access to weekly, interactive visuals of what's going on with your body as well as suggested questions for your doctor's visits, helpful checklists, a belly-tracking photo album and help, advice, and support from the message boards.

But this app also has some pretty unique content that will be much appreciated amongst parents expecting multiples! With customized content for twins, WebMD Pregnancy app offers more tailored advice and info for parents having twins—or even triplets! (iOS, Android, free with in-app purchases).

8. Ovia

Track your pregnancy journey with one of the most detailed pregnancy apps there is. When it comes to tracking (and understanding!) your own symptoms, Ovia has tons of symptoms for you to choose from—making it one of the best app options for monitoring your own health during pregnancy. (iOS, Android, free).

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9. Hello Belly

Featuring more than 400 tips written by top experts, the Hello Belly app offers 3D and AR visualizations of a baby in the womb, week by week, but you'll also score access to meditations and yoga classes specifically designed for pregnant people, too. (iOS, Android, free with in-app purchases).

10. Preglife

Available on both iOS and Android, Preglife was developed in Sweden with the help of professional midwives, physicians and other pregnancy specialists. The app includes a pregnancy calendar, checklists, weight curve and diary, guides, podcasts, videos and more. Plus, your app usage doesn't have to stop after your baby's born. Activate the baby segment of the app by entering your little one's date of birth; from there on, Preglife will help you navigate and monitor your baby's first two years! (iOS, Android, free with in-app purchases).

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