Gas prices are surging, but these tips could save you money at the pump

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Gas prices have seen a steep hike all over the country and it’s driving us bananas! Experts can’t predict when gas prices will stabilize, but we spoke with auto experts and rounded up top-rated tips to help you save money at the pump.

Programmable Scanning Tool

Scan Gauge package and items inside
Monitor gas usage in real time with this scanner. (Photo: Amazon)

Being able to monitor gas usage in real time can have a direct effect on fuel economy. Experts warn that sitting idle and hard acceleration burns fuel unnecessarily. John Burkhauser, Director Of Education at Bolt On Technology says, "seeing this may remind the driver to be less aggressive with the gas pedal."

This programmable 3-in-1 auto scanner tracks fuel consumption, cost-per-mile, engine speed, horsepower and more. It can also check diagnostic trouble codes, so if it’s something minor, you can save money and bypass the mechanic.

$160 at Amazon

Small changes like coasting towards the red light can pump up your miles per gallon, and your savings.

Fuel System Cleaner

Container of Techron fuel system cleaner
Get rid of stubborn dirt and boost gas milage with this fuel system cleaner. (Photo: Amazon)

"Most gasoline already has cleaning additives in it," explains Burkhauser, "but adding some fuel system cleaner once in a while can help with some of the more stubborn dirt [and] may make the fuel injectors spray better." This helps add gas mileage since fine misted fuel burns easier and more efficiently.

This option has over 10K positive ratings and can add fuel stability for up to one whole year!

$13 at Amazon

FRAM Extra Guard Air Filters

Fram Extra Guard shown out of package with box behind it
Replacing your air filter could improve gas mileage by as much as 10%. (Photo: Amazon)

“Air needs to be precisely mixed with fuel to get the best power and economy out of every gallon,” says Burkhauser. If the engine air filter is even slightly dirty, you should replace it. Don’t worry, it’s an easy fix!

FRAM Extra Guard Air Filters are highly-rated, easy to install and provide a secure and tight fit that will protect your engine and limit wear. The best part? You can snag them for under $20. You could even improve gas mileage by 10%!

Starting at $7 at Amazon

Tire Pressure Gauge

Handheld tire pressure gauge with AstroAI label on handle.
Keep tires properly inflated with this tool. (Photo: Amazon)

Under-inflated tires can actually lead to poor gas mileage since more energy is used to keep the wheels turning. "It’s also a safety hazard,” cautions Burkhauser. It’s especially important to monitor tire pressure during times of the year when temps are wildly fluctuating, like spring and fall.

First, find your car’s ideal pressure on the inside of the driver’s door jam. Then use this highly-rated digital pressure gauge to check the level. The lighted nozzle helps you position quickly right on the valve and the one-button design makes it so easy to use!

$12 $13 at Amazon

Clip-on USB Fan

Black fan with large clip at base.
Keep cool and save on gas with this clip on portable fan. (Photo: Amazon)

Foregoing the gas-guzzling AC will help you save big on fuel. But when temperatures rise, you still have to stay cool! It may be tempting to drive with your windows down, but this actually creates drag that can be worse for your gas mileage than turning on the air conditioning!

This USB fan clips onto any surface and lets you direct air flow towards the driver or passengers. It’s super compact but super powerful and offers 360 degree vertical and horizontal rotation. Then, when you arrive at your destination you can clip it off and take it with you. Now that’s cool.

$19 $30 at Amazon

Also keep an eye on your defroster. Accidentally leaving it on can guzzle major fuel.

Solar Charger

Solar charger shown standing up and on it's side with flashlight turned on.
Charge your device with the power of the sun. (Photo: Amazon)

Save some energy by ditching the cigarette lighter and USB outlet altogether! This solar charger rests right on the front dash and can power up phones, tablets and other USB-enabled devices. It’s also designed with a dual flashlight which always comes in handy.

$23 $30 at Amazon

Another expert-approved tip? Cars are most efficient driving between 45 to 60 mph, so opt for the highway route when you can.

And finally, take this as a sign to spring clean your trunk and backseat and remove roof racks – experts agree it takes more energy to move more weight.

How are you saving money on gas these days? Let us know in the comments below.

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