Monday Sales CRM review

 Monday Sales CRM
Monday Sales CRM

Among the many solutions that could justifiably lay claim to the title of the best sales CRM, Monday Sales CRM would certainly have to be classed as a contender. From the people behind, Monday Sales CRM is a great tool for collecting all the data you need to streamline your sales pipeline and optimize your lead generation.

Although has been designed primarily as a project management tool, the new sales CRM operates as a distinct offering, providing brands with a fully customizable method of revamping their sales and marketing processes. Leveraging the same no-code approach that has worked so well for, Monday Sales CRM is a flexible solution that can be adapted to all kinds of sales strategies.

Monday Sales dashboard
Monday Sales dashboard

Monday Sales CRM Review: Snapshot

Boasting a combination of all the features you’ve come to expect from some of the best CRM software on the market today, Monday Sales CRM also offers a host of useful integrations. Apart from some difficulties connecting the CRM to email accounts (and some quibbles of the price tag), most businesses report huge gains from their use of Monday Sales CRM.

Monday Sales CRM Review: Plans and pricing

Monday Sales CRM is available in four different pricing plans: Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. The Basic package cost $10 per month, Standard $14, and Pro $24. The price of the Enterprise package, meanwhile, can be found by contacting a sales representative directly.

Of course, what users gain access to at each pricing point varies markedly. The Basic plan comes with an unlimited number of customizable pipelines and templates for lead, contact, and deal management. The Standard package comes with all the features that come with the Basic package, plus two-way email integration, compatible with Gmail and Outlook, and custom CRM integrations for as many as 250 actions per month.

Looking at the higher-price plan, the Pro package boasts email tracking and automations, Google Calendar sync, and sales analytics. The Enterprise subscription comes with multi-level permissions, more advanced analytics, and enterprise-grade security and governance.

Monday Sales CRM Review: Features

Monday Sales CRM comes with an impressive range of features, any of which are particularly useful for small business owners. The CRM is powered by an open API and plenty of integrations with well-known third-party solutions, including Microsoft Excel, DocuSign, Shopify, and Salesforce.

In terms of activity management, Monday Sales CRM also excels, allowing users to make a note of a lead or any activity related to a particular contact. This means that your sales reps can remain abreast of all their calls and meetings, with the added option of being able to assign them notes so you can be sure of where you are in terms of progress with a particular prospect or lead.

With Monday Sales CRM it’s easy to keep track of your sales pipeline, targets, and the performance of your sales team. An intuitive dashboard provides added visibility into your sales figures and related metrics so you can quickie identify where bottlenecks are hindering performance. Similarly, forecasting functionality gives you the opportunity to further drill down into your sales performance.

As with many other CRMs, another important feature of Monday Sales CRM is the way it serves as a holistic overview of everything related to sales. Instead of having to switch between different applications, sales reps can import the relevant data directly from Excel or another application, so everything you need is visible from a single interface.

No code automations also promise to greatly increase the productivity of your sales team. These are customizable so your reps can create triggers depending on their need. For instance, tasks can be automatically assigned or notifications delivered based on a certain action. However, it is important to note that the number of automations available to users is limited to a set number of actions per month. For smaller businesses, of course, this is less to be an issue, but enterprises may need more than the allowed number. Also, in terms of security features, some businesses may expect more - especially from the higher-priced tiers. The Enterprise plan for instance.

Monday Sales CRM Review: Ease of use

It has to be said that Monday Sales CRM is incredibly easy to use. The interface is intuitive and well-designed, which means that sales personnel should find it easy to adopt regardless of whichever tools they are used to.

The substantial number of templates also makes things extremely efficient. By accessing the template section, you can add an entire CRM workflow and new integrations can be installed with just a single click. What’s more, if your team is undecided about what template is best to use, the platform itself will provide a list of recommended templates based on the answers you provided while setting up the CRM.

Everything about Monday Sales CRM is meant to streamline the sales process. So, whether you are onboarding a new client, managing a current project, or looking for detailed insights on market developments, Monday Sales CRM makes sure the information you need is easy to find and clearly displayed.

Monday Sales CRM Review: Final Verdict

Monday Sales CRM is a great CRM solution that is particularly well-suited for small to medium-sized businesses. While it may not be the cheapest and it’s lacking some functionality that you might get from other platforms at the higher price points, it’s intuitive and easy to use. For sales reps that want to streamline their lead management and improve their customer relationships, this is a CRM that is definitely worth your time.