Mom's Pep Talk for Goldendoodle Before Leaving for a Trip Has People in Their Feelings

If you've ever had to leave your dog for a few days, then you'll totally understand one Doodle mom, who needed to buck her little one up before a big trip. Footage of the dog mama giving her dog a "pep talk" is just the sweetest. And very relatable if you consider your dog to be your child.

It's never a great feeling to leave your pet behind. So we can see where Chloe Covington was coming from when she sat her girl Gemma down and gave her a heart-to-heart.

Sitting with the Goldendoodle in her lap, the dog mom gave her lots of pets and hugs while assuring her that everything was going to be totally fine.

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"I'm gonna get you on Monday, okay? You're gonna have a great time," she told the Doodle. "Listen, you're going to make so many new friends! she added, hilariously trying to point out the positives of the situation.

"I don't know who's more mentally unwell. Me or her," she joked in the caption.

There was no judgment from the comments section, however. Everyone understood that it can be scary to board your dog, even for a short amount of time.

"He’s literally just a baby," wrote one person. "The way I would’ve canceled my trip immediately," someone else joked. "I always tell my dog 'I’ll always come back for you,'" shared another person. "Why do I have separation anxiety as if I'm the dog, while watching it?" joked one woman.

Because we've all totally been there! That's why!

Tips for Boarding an Anxious Dog

If it's your dog that's the one that's feeling a little nervous, there are ways to make things easier.

Some boarding facilities might allow you to book a trial stay. Meaning your dog can do an overnight or stay for a few hours just to get comfortable with the environment. If your dog has a lot of anxiety, you might need to try leaving them for just an hour and building up time.

Sending them to the boarding facility with a favorite toy, blanket, or pillow can also help. It's all those scents from home that can really comfort your dog and make them feel like it'll be okay.

Make drop-off short and sweet. As much as you'd like to stick around and see that your dog is okay, it's probably for the best to quickly say bye and head out. Dogs can pick up on your emotions. If you look anxious and scared, they'll feel anxious and scared. Which would only make the problem worse.

Thinking ahead a little can really help your dog acclimate. And should keep your own nerves calm if you're worried about the trip too.

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