Moms Can Get Free Wine This Weekend By Calling A Hotline And Airing Their Complaints

Kelly Allen

From Delish

Moms have a lot to deal with on any given day but especially right now if they’re trying to work from home and figure out what activities to do with the kids (all while trying to remember to take care of themselves). To thank moms for all they do, the canned wine spritzer brand MOVO is encouraging mothers to call a hotline this weekend and scream their frustrations for a chance to get free wine.

MOVO opened a hotline at 1-833-3-SCREAM-4-WINE where moms can treat themselves to a last minute Mother’s Day gift: “a good quaranscream followed by a chance to win an even better wine spritzer,” according to the brand’s Instagram post. The hotline features a pre-recorded message that prompts moms to laugh-scream, vent, cry, yell, and get everything out. At the end of the session, an automated voice sends callers to their website where they can officially enter for free wine.

The line is open to call until May 10, and winners will receive $10 via Venmo to treat themselves to the wine spritzers. Yes, you do have to actually go pick it up yourself, but that's still worth it if it's free, right? You can find out where to buy it with MOVO's store locator.

Unfortunately, the contest isn't available for anyone who lives in Alabama, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Vermont, and West Virginia. If you live in one of those states, treat your mom (or yourself) to some wine anyway because you both deserve it. And have a therapeutic screaming session while you're at it!

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