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The moms of Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein on setting Google Alerts and growing closer during the pandemic

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The mothers of Adam Levine (Patsy Noah), Alicia Keys (Terria Joseph), and Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein (Sharon Feldstein) recently reunited over Zoom to speak with Yahoo Life about how the pandemic has changed their relationship with their kids.

The three women are co-founders of a nonprofit called YourMomCares, which is a network of celebrity and influencer moms dedicated to supporting kids’ mental health.

Feldstein remembered how her daughter moved in with her early last year. At first, it was supposed to be temporary.

“Well, Beanie has lived with me — not now because she's filming — but Beanie lived with me for eight months,” Feldstein said, calling her daughter her “best friend.”

Noah has also had increased contact with her son, Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine.

“My relationship with Adam ... has really only deepened in one way: We check on each other more,” Noah said. “Even if it's a minute a day.”

Watch more from the co-founders of YourMomCares in the video interview above.

Video Transcript

SHARON FELDSTEIN: Hi, I'm Sharon Feldstein and I'm Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein's mom.

TERRIA JOSEPH: Hi, I'm Terria Joseph mother of Alicia Keyes.

PATSY NOAH: I'm Patsy Noah, mother of Adam Levine.

SHARON FELDSTEIN: I have a really great relationship with my children. We're very close, we talk a lot. Last year Beanie had done "Booksmart" so we were going from like the Golden Globes, and she presented at the Oscars, to lock down. It was like, what?

As the matriarch, I guess, I said-- it's going to be 30 days, it's just going to be 30 days. Let's just stay home for 30 days, we'll play Monopoly, it's going to be super fun. I kept telling them how super fun this is going to be for 30 days.

Beanie lived with me for eight months. You know she was pretty strict, especially because they refer to us as, we are so old. That she didn't want to get it and give it to me because then she'd feel guilty. So like every day, it's like I must have heard every day this year, from Beanie how old I am.

TERRIA JOSEPH: When things shut down, they shut down. They shut down for everybody. Their tours were canceled. You know, they were all releasing new albums. That all closed down because nobody could get together to do that kind of work. So, it closed down, it closed down.

And it didn't stop Alicia. She worked for everybody and talked to everybody and her songs just happened to fit into this time. She's in California, so what she does I usually read about it. I have her on Google Alerts as my friends know.

SHARON FELDSTEIN: We all Google Alerts. All of us have Google Alerts on our kids.

PATSY NOAH: In my case my relationship with Adam, who's my high profile child, and my other two kids has really only deepened in one way. We check on each other more. Even if it's a minute a day.

We don't see each other. He's got very, very little kids that are consuming him. And they've done a lot of behind the scenes Maroon 5 work. They're releasing singles and another album at the end of the month. It's hard to, you know, miss seeing your grandkids at each stage other than on Zoom or FaceTime.

My grandson just called me a week ago. He's [? five. ?] Then he said, I'm really sad. And we talked about why he was sad. But we worked it out and, you know, it's-- being a mom is universal. You know, being a grandmother, maybe sometimes you just want to talk to someone who's not your mom about something that's making you sad. So it's had some interesting twists and turns.

SHARON FELDSTEIN: YourMomCares are celebrity and influencer your moms banding together for kids mental health. I call it the Netflix of nonprofit because we fund other people's projects and we also fund our own. So we are boots on the ground but we're also funding very innovative, advanced projects that diagnose and treat depression and anxiety before it becomes something worse.

What's interesting to me is that everyone's like wow, you know you're doing mental health, it's so important now. It was so important before. We were doing it before. The epidemic and started before with kids mental health. It's been exacerbated. They call it a tsunami now.

PATSY NOAH: In terms of going back to whatever the new version of normal will be, we also each year, for two years in a row now, put out a back to school mental wellness checklist. It's a virtual toolkit.

And this coming year is going to be the biggest challenge of all because by September I'm sure that almost all schools across the country will be going back to a more normal version of school. And this coming year we will work on something that will make sense for what is happening in August and September of 2021.

TERRIA JOSEPH: I never expected this year to go the way that it did I'm still in awe that one year has gone by.

I've got such a great daughter who's always very caring and checking up on me all the time. I think I've just grown in my admiration of her ability to keep mothering and challenging her kids and still doing all her work and still being a good wife.

SHARON FELDSTEIN: You know, think about this past year. Who could you trust on the news? What you read? Blah, blah, blah. But a mom always has-- well, most moms-- always has their kids. I've heard people talk about Terria like as if she was their mother. Other people's kids' best interests at heart. It's not self-serving.

So I do agree with you. I think moms are more important now than ever.