Moment Rescued Turkey Finally Experiences Love Tugs at Our Heartstrings

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She'll spend the rest of her life with caring people who adore her.

There are so many people who rescue animals just from the kindness of their hearts. They don't do it for recognition or a reward. They do it because they realize animals need us sometimes. And we're so lucky to have these people in the world. Take for instance TikTok user @wildrootsfarming who poured her soul into rescuing an unwanted turkey. 

This TikToker, who runs a small country farm, decided to take in a turkey named Peggy Sue. The creator was asked why would she take in this bird since Peggy Sue wasn't going to live long. Peggy Sue's life will, unfortunately, be shortened because of how she was bred. But the shortened life doesn't mean a thing to this TikToker. The reason behind rescuing Peggy Sue is truly pulling our heartstrings. Grab a tissue before you watch!  

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Ugh, we're tearing up over here. We feel so bad that Peggy Sue's life won't be as long as it should. But we're so thankful she's in a loving home now. The fact that the creator is committed to giving her the love she deserved from day one is so special. We're sending all of our love to Peggy Sue as well! 

"The pure joy in her eyes," commented @checkgauges_69. Right?! She finally knows what it feels like to be loved. This TikToker truly made her entire life. We hope Peggy Sue knows that she's loved by more people than she realizes. 

Another TikTok user, @rollandacrooks933, wrote, "Peggy Sue probably got more love in 1 minute than she ever had in her life. God bless your sweet heart." YES! It doesn't matter how close to the rainbow bridge an animal gets, they all deserve that unconditional love at least once, even if it's just for a minute. @doreencuccia added, "Animals of all kinds are living beings with feelings. I wish more people had compassion for them 😪." Us too! But until then, we're so thankful for people like this.