Moment Lonely Dog Meets His New Puppy Sister Is Full of Pure Love

TikTok user @kaylenekrk's heart was breaking because she noticed her dog was feeling down in the dumps lately. He was very lonely. This TikToker knew there was only one way to turn her dog's frown upside - add a new sibling to the mix!

This dog was completely shocked when the family brought home a new puppy. Don't worry, shocked in the best way possible! This compilation video of the dog and puppy hanging out together is an instant mood booster. The best part is that this dog is lonely no more!

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O.M.G. Stop it! We can't handle all this adorableness. We've never seen a dog's mood change so quickly. One look at his new puppy sister has cured all his loneliness. Plus, the two fur babies became besties instantly. They're already playing nonstop with sticks and pool time. Our hearts have completely melted!

"Great, now I need to get my dog a sibling," commented @y0nese. HA! That's exactly how we're feeling. We would love nothing more than to add another sibling to the family to give our current fur baby a friend. @jhanae_new added, "I need a yard asap. My baby needs a sibling too." This video has unlocked a whole new set of requirements we want to have for our pets. LOL!

Another TikToker, @criminallyvulgar, wrote, "I would cry every day watching them together." SAME! We're so thankful this TikToker noticed how sad her dog was feeling and knew exactly what he needed. Although, it's important to note that not every pet will want another pet in the house. Be aware of your pet's feelings before trying to introduce a new fur baby to the mix.

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