Mom Walks Her Pet Crab on Leash Just Like a Dog and People Are Obsessed

We've seen our fair share of unique things before, but we have never, ever seen a pet crab on a leash and we'll bet you haven't either. And no, it's not something someone created from AI. LOL! It's real and simply amazing!

TikTok user @howiethecrab has a pet crab named Howie. You might've seen this crab on TikTok before as she has nearly half a million followers. The creator shares this crab's daily life like how she walks outside on a leash just like a dog. One look at her and you'll be obsessed!

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O.M.G. What?! We've seen plenty of people with hermit crabs as pets before, but never did we think someone could have a Rainbow Crab as a pet. This is a whole new life goal that we've unlocked. LOL! 

@dandy_brandi01 wrote, "The way she lifts her claws for you to pick her up is so sweet. She was ready for a walk." And you know she absolutely loves wearing her crown. LOL! We bet everyone is wondering how long these walks are. The creator said it's only about half a block. Hey, that's better than nothing!

"You're so gentle with her. I honestly didn't know it was possible to see a crab's feelings until Howie. You can just see how much she trusts and loves you," said @stayforthevibes82. Right?! Honestly, we were scared of crabs before, but this gives us a whole new perspective. @kristinclarke0 added, "Didn't know I could fall in love with a crab but here we are." SAME! Howie gets an immediate follow from us!

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