Mom uses baby food to make a Bellini, and TikTok’s mind is blown

This mom on TikTok made a Bellini using her baby’s squeezable fruit pouches, and the questionable cocktail hack had impressed parents feeling shaken and stirred.

Enjoying a cocktail is a great way for parents, especially parents of newborns, to unwind after a stressful day. But if parents ever find themselves without the proper ingredients to make a tasty concoction, TikToker and author Jo Weston (@babyledkitchenjo) discovered the perfect solution: Use baby food to make a cocktail!

The video, captioned “Just making sure you are all aware—happy Saturday parents,” reached over 500,000 views, which means there are over half a million people who might have a hard time looking at baby food the same way ever again.

“Important reminder that the mango and peach baby pouches are actually for adults,” writes Weston over footage of her squeezing the contents of a pouch into a Champagne flute. Once the baby food is inside the glass, Weston adds a generous pour of Prosecco, before proudly showing off her “Baby Food Bellini.”

Viewers were intrigued by Weston’s creation, and based on the response from parents, this might be the new go-to boozy brunch beverage for moms and dads looking to take the edge off.

“GENIUS! Perfect for taking on the plane and making Bellinis with them,” wrote one viewer looking to take the hack to new heights.

“Oh my God I’ve been doing this since I had my little boy and others gave me the oddest look when I said it,” shared one validated parent.

“Genius. It’s really difficult to find proper peach puree,” wrote a practical cocktail aficionado.

While new parents likely have plenty of squeezable pouches around, based on the response to the recipe, it seems like people without kids might need to invest in some baby food—at least if they want in on the latest cocktail trend.

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