Mom unscrews kitchen sink drain and makes ‘gross’ discovery: ‘Now I know where the stink was coming from’

A mom has gone viral for sharing her deep-cleaning sink discovery, and TikTokers are running to their kitchens!

Mom and TikToker Emmy Rachelle (@..emmy.m) was horrified when she decided to unscrew her kitchen sink drain — and her shocking discovery has now gained over 1.8 million views.

The video — the inspiration for which Emmy credits TikToker @cleanwithnessa — shows the mom using a fork to unscrew her kitchen sink drain.

Once she pulls out the screw and drain cover, she makes the yucky discovery: the mouth of the drain is covered in a thick, slimy-looking black goo.

But with a little elbow grease and some heavy scrubbing, Emmy’s sink is looking spick and span by the end of her now-viral video!

‘Oh no, I’m afraid to look…’

Thousands of TikTokers rushed to the comment section — and their kitchens — after watching Emmy’s video.

“Yikes I’ve never checked this!” one user wrote.

“Oh no, I’m afraid to look…” another user shared.

“U changed my life, I never knew this. I cleaned my sink and I don’t think it had been cleaned in 30 years,” commented another user.

“Omg I did this… I’m ashamed… At least now I know where the stink was coming from,” wrote another user.

“That is the most useful thing ever, thank you,” said one user.

“Omg literally got straight up to check and it worked!! Thank you!” another user wrote.

But some users were unsure about Emmy’s cleaning hack and thought the task might be better left to a professional. “You need to use a silicone seal when you put it back. Be careful, you will get a leak and cause damage,” one user warned.

Thanks to Emmy’s video, kitchens everywhere are likely getting a deep cleaning, the likes of which they’ve never received before!

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