Mom tries to be impulsive and carefree with toddlers, regrets it immensely

Sometimes you just want to live in the moment. But, welp, life tends to come at you fast.

A mom shared what happened when she tried to live in the moment with her two toddlers on Reddit’s “Parenting” forum. What started as a blissful impromptu dance in the rain turned into a raging, damp nightmare.

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“Just drop everything and dance in the rain with your kids, it’s not that hard!!” she wrote. “Its 7:30am, kids and I are having breakfast as my husband heads out the door. All of a sudden it starts pouring down rain outside. We look for a minute, kids don’t think much of it. Normally, we put shoes on before going outside. Normally, we always wear a rain jacket in the rain.

Normally, we avoid going out in the rain. Normally, I would never interrupt a meal they are sitting down to actually eat. But something just clicked off in my brain for a second. I didn’t even think, I just said ‘let’s go play in the rain’. 3yo says ‘yeah we’ll need our rain coat and boots!’ I’m like ‘no, let’s just go now. No shoes or anything. Hurry, let’s just do it!

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So we do it. We had so much fun just running around in the rain. No rain gear, no concern for colds or soggy goose poop that might be on the ground,” she said. “Just raw fun courtesy of Mother Nature. I was on cloud 9 thinking how grateful I am to have these little experiences with my children. We were all laughing and smiling until our cheeks hurt. As we walked back in, my littlest one slipped on the wet concrete. Tears start flowing (she was ok, just a little bum splat). Then the 3yo notices how much attention his little sister is getting so he starts freaking out about needing to get out of his wet clothes.

And suddenly my cloud 9 turns in to the 7th layer of hell. I have 2 crying toddlers that are now wet and muddy. The dog is licking rain water off of our legs and it’s pissing the kids off because she’s in the way. Everyone is freezing because it’s humid outside but air conditioned in the house. They want to grab their lovies but can’t because they’ll get muddy. Utter chaos.

I threw them in the shower with me. 3yo runs out midway, naked—just wiping his wet butt all over my freshly washed bedding. Then he slips and falls, tears happen. I’m now naked and wet, baby is naked and wet, toddler is naked, wet, and crying.”

Redditors could instantly relate to the mom’s situation.

“Captures the toddler parenting experience perfectly,” a user wrote.

“Basically sums up every experience I have with my toddlers,” another said.

“Naked wet and crying is a good summation of my parenting young kids experience,” a person added.

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