Mom on TikTok shares hack for teaching kids about bullying: 'Everyone should have parents like this'

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This mom has found a genius way to teach her young kids about bullying!

Life coach and entrepreneur Diosa Chiqui posted a TikTok that shows her using a creative way to show her kids the dangerous effects of bullying. The video went viral with more than 8 million views, and users were impressed by Chiqui’s clever, visual strategy.

One out of every five students reports being bullied at one point, according to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. So there’s always opportunity for new strategies that help kids understand and visualize the impact of bullying.

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For her exercise, Chiqui sat down with her two daughters and held up a piece of paper. 

“Say mean things to this paper,” Chiqui told her kids. 

The girls started throwing out insults. 

“You’re ugly.”

“That’s why your mom doesn’t love you.” 

“You smell like dog food!” 

‘Is it fixed?’

After each insult, Chiqui crumpled up the paper more and more, until it was just a tiny ball. Then, Chiqui asked her daughters to apologize to the paper. After the girls apologized, Chiqui unfolded the paper, but it still looked crumpled.

“Is it fixed?” asked Chiqui. 

“No,” both girls replied.

“This is why you don’t bully,” Chiqui said. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bullying increases the risk of “depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, lower academic achievement, and dropping out of school.” Chiqui’s exercise showed her daughters that while apologizing is important, saying sorry is just the first of many steps when it comes to repairing a relationship and supporting a victim of bullying.

TikTok users jumped into the comments section to share how impressed they were with the visual teaching technique. 

“That’s beautiful teaching! Much respect,” read one comment. 

“Everyone should have parents like this,” another wrote. 

One user shared a similar exercise that her dad used to teach her about bullying. 

“My dad taught me [about bullying] by hammering nails into the fence, and he would show the hole left behind. I love visual lessons for kids,” the user wrote. 

While there are many anti-bullying resources and organizations, parents can do their part at home by sitting down and talking with their kids about the dangers of bullying. As this powerful TikTok proves, sometimes all it takes is a single piece of paper.  

If you feel your child is a victim of bullying, visit to find resources.

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