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Mom ‘tests’ boba-obsessed toddler in hilarious TikTok


This TikTok parent tested her boba tea-obsessed toddler to see if she would drink a cup of boba tea when she left the room. Spoiler alert: After a bit of a struggle, the toddler passed the test!

Sali Al-Digs (@salialdigs) is a mom and TikToker whose toddler daughter, Aria, is obsessed with boba tea. In a recent video, Sali decided to test whether her daughter’s passion for boba tea outweighed her sense of obedience by leaving Sali alone in a room with a cup of tea and directing her not to drink out of it. In the hilarious video, Sali records Aria as she struggles with her decision and ultimately passes the test!

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The video begins with a shot of Sali and Aria in a bedroom. Aria sits in a desk chair, while Sali leans over her. A cup of boba tea sits on the table in front of the mother-daughter duo. “Testing my boba-obsessed baby,” a caption reads.

“Okay, Aria, don’t drink from the boba,” Sali tells Aria. “I’m going to go to the bathroom and come back, okay?”

“Okay,” Aria responds.

But Sali isn’t done. She wants to make sure Aria truly understands what she’s being told. “Don’t drink,” the mom tells her daughter sternly. Then, she walks to the bathroom, leaving Aria alone with the boba.

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The moment her mom leaves the room, Aria looks at the boba tea with a forlorn expression on her face. “Don’t drink from the boba,” she whispers to herself, trying to strengthen her resolve.

The toddler shakes her head back and forth, trying to keep herself from drinking the tea. “It’s not good,” she says, unconvincingly. “Stop it.”

The toddler grimaces and begins to wave her hands in the air. The more time passes, the more she struggles. Then, finally, Sali returns, saving Aria from her internal battle.

“Did you drink from the boba?” Sali asks.

“No,” Aria replies.

“Are you sure?” Sali asks.

When Aria says she’s sure, Sali rewards her daughter with the entire cup of boba tea! The video ends as the toddler grins widely and begins to drink the tea.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable toddler and her struggle to pass the test!

“The self-talk is so cute,” commented one viewer.

“Me when I’m trying to convince myself a man isn’t good for me,” another viewer joked.

“Well, this wins the cutest video of the day! She’s precious” commented another TikToker.

Aria might have had a hard time not drinking the boba while her mom was away, but she learned a valuable lesson about patience, and got to drink her favorite beverage as a reward!

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